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CityDesk tools, add on programs, and accessories

CityDesk tools, add on programs, and accessories

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

You need to look at the CityDesk download page too.  Sometimes I forget to put all the downloads on this page.

HAAPAVESI template for CityDesk. from Telepark. "It supports pixel-precision design and a sliding menu. Tons of design / configuration options and, as always, no HTML or script coding required. Very versatile and the full PDF documentation is available online.

Active Scripting for CityDesk from Lasse "A working version of the utility I use for active scripting in CityDesk sites is now released to the public. The Links in this article allows you to download both the compiled program file as well as the source code if you wish to tinker with it."

HTML DBScript can be used to add the results of database queries to your webpages. The queries are added to your pages before you publish them, so there is no need to run anything special on your webserver.

Ctycalendar - Ctycalendar runs as a post publishing step within City Desk to create a calendar from a specially formatted list which can be built with city script.

Download for managing previous / next article functionality using a bit of php scripting by John C

Telepark's file import utility let's you see link "depth" and put's imported pages into CityDesk articles.

RTidy A Ruby script for running Tidy on a locally published version of the website. It requires some configuration, so if you decide to try this -- PLEASE read the help file.

Bill's CityDesk downloads:

  • CityDesk Keyword Link Generator Script
  • CityDesk "Float" Utility
  • CityDesk DB API
  • CityDesk "Float" Utility (setup without DLL)
  • There may be some more by the time you read this.

You'd better read this too from the forum and in CityDesk News.

A free calendar month widget for CD. If like me you write a blog with CityDesk and want to create a table containing all the days of a given month with links to articles posted on those days, but are too lazy to hand code the HTML and keep the links up to date, then check this out. by John

"Notifier 1.0" A utility for automatic email notification on changes to CityDesk-managed websites. Connects to your FTP server (of your website), retrieves the citydesk.xml file, checks differences to the last version retrieved, sends emails to recipients with information on changes that occured. Information from the CityDesk Forum.

Mikes CopyBoy does some good stuff and is improving.

Stephan has some ideas about some CityDesk tools and a screen shot and another screen shot.

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