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CityDesk 2.x Beta test stuff

CityDesk 2.x Beta test stuff

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

I haven't included all the bugs (except the ones I've had) presuming they will be fixed by the time most folks read this.

The most recent tips go on top.

Thursday, December 11, 2003

Creating an Automatic Archive (for a periodic newsletter)

How to include a URL in the Extras fields (without making it a link in the extra field itself)

Webserver configuration may screw up UTF-8 character display

Article Suddenly Stops Accepting Linefeeds (it happens, you'll need to close and reopen CityDesk)

CityDesk hangs during preview

How do you export an article out of CD

Using PHP or other scripting for random capabilities

Normal View/HTML View Woes (when you switch views)

Things that might cause unexpected upload of all files even w/o changes

About inserting php code

Darren's tip and example on creating a design test page

Darren's cool and handy variables for tables (boxes), latest articles, related articles, affiliate links (including This is a variable tip for EM dashes also known as long dashes.

Working With XML Files is a Knowledge Base article by the Fog folks.

Ken McKinney's calendar generating program works with CityDesk

Network publish problem: when I FileCopy to a particular machine on the network, I receive a "make sure the computer is accessible" error message.

Revisited: swapping text from MS Word to CD (there is trouble in the Word HTML)

CSS for dummies (like me)

Some interesting script for interesting menus

Problem with an article and a folder with the same name in my citydesk 2.0 file

Copying a portion of a site?

A calendar download Ctycalendar - Ctycalendar runs as a post publishing step within City Desk to create a calendar from a specially formatted list which can be built with city script. Here is the forum thread

You can have both CD1 and CD2 installed but you may get confused

Copying content from MS Word and dealing with the embedded Word (and Excel) style formatting html code  Here is another testimonial about the problem

CityScript doesn't count but Javascript can here is an example

Two ways to highlight the current menu item using style sheets .css

Ways to manage anchors (aka bookmarks) several ways in fact

No Magic name in "Include" ? (no)

Editing articles with external editors (you can't except by cutting and pasting)

You can't put variables in conditions at least not in Release 2

Problem combining conditions, reverse polish notation with a bunch of nested conditions (ask the forum for help if you are really stumped

<a> tag annoyance puts extra space at the end of a link

How to do Calendar style output and a download that helps (mentions pearl javascript and vb)

Create new link - Very slow in a big site. How to manage it by using magic names in the link dialog box. Thanks to Darren

Trouble using PHP with Citydesk (it's those bracket dollarsign things) and ways to do it.

Editing Properties and Extras in HTML mode (you can't) but there are ways to manage it by editing in unpublished articles and pasting

Is there any way to add other types of content (pdf, word docs) to a CityDesk site? And then easily create links to those files?

The template that won't switch to HTML mode maybe too many nested tables?   Here is a related issue.

CityDesk Template Downloads from Telepark

Automated <a href="">'s and how to undo an automatic link with Crtl-Z

How to use "audience" to manage draft (prepublish) articles (an excellent tip)

target="_blank" and whether CityDesk products XHTML strict or transitional (the answer is transitional)

How to Publish HTM files instead of HTML

Putting a <p></p> around <table></table> isn't valid html, or xhtml

Highlight current page in menu? An excellent and easy method.

Resolving js in foreach statement

Detecting no articles in foreach stmt Using the "else"

(before today) (after today) but today? selecting articles for today

How to include a single article body? (and oldie but goodie)

How can set up my site up so that the Spanish site will show the English version of the pages that are not yet translated, and also ideally a message in Spanish at the top that explains that the Spanish version of this page is not yet available (you can't do this automatically)

Linking to anchor tags - managing bookmarks

Templates for print friendly pages

Two-level article list - the famous problem than you can't solve directly with CityScript

Problem With Lists? CityDesk doesn't close LI tags

Batch importing articles into .cty file (Access)

Run a script - and leave in the magic names?  (no but interesting) Check Out Marktaw's script for bookmarks / anchor tags

British dictionary - how to install?

Using the new include feature and variables to make things easier for the user

Problem with word wrap in HTML view (or is it)

Script demonstrating "thisfolder"

CityDesk has almost no control over the style of HTML that is generated

CityScript *inside* html tags <> is not supported except as attribute values in places where HTML allows arbitrary text, such as href tags, src tags, alt tags. In the case of colors, HTML requires a valid color.

Inconsistent behavior among similar features (import from web generates image magic names, import from disk doesn't

Viewing embedded Flash in normal view (there are some things to complicated to see in "normal" view)

Removing HTML from headline (this causes some folks problems)

Problem with auto-inserted meta tags in CD 2.0.3?

Why CityDesk does have a feature to FTP the .cty file (because the ftp passwords might be in there)

FOREACH statement boo-boo from using excess/unneeded conditions

Is there a "folder" variable?  Not exactly but this is an interesting disussion that mentions breadcrumb navigation links.

Creating an IE Active Channel with CityDesk

Extra fields names in script are always the same even if you change the names in the templates

City Desk support for .cdf and other files types

Creating a message board

2.0.1 publish date problem?

Bug: (thisFolder) works well in forEach loops but does NOT yet work in nextLink and previousLink, due to an unfortunate error which will be corrected in the NEXT beta, beta 3

Graphic Collections - a cool script to help manage images

XHTML users have to be careful to avoid Normal view

More XHTML and CityDesk generated meta tags

Using CityDesk to manage "Word" documents (you can't exactly do that)

Multi-user CityDesk what it does, what folks want, and what might be in the future

Undo, Multiple undo, and redo

CopyBoy 2.0 may help with site management

CopyBoy Plans

Using CD in an existing site

Preserving HTML format - better but not yet

Cumbersome to edit sites with more than 2 languages

Limitations on the number of articles - folks hash out desired features and prices points


UTF-8 Issues and there is plenty of discussion but not many real problems

More on UTF-8

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