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Writing about CityDesk Sites

Writing about CityDesk Sites

Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Ole uses frame with this site and explains how he manages both frames and no frames versions.

How to build navigation buttons and a download by Joe

Sam writes about building a site.

Group related items together in boxes on web pages by Darren by Brian about converting his site to CityDesk Richard has a special CityDesk page and a very good page on Building a Data Driven Website with CityDesk. has nice articles about "audiences" has some good tips and a template by Kevin, also includes a CityDesk development methodology: and a .cty download by Richard are Rik's first impressions. by Ken who must have a Mac too.  Check out his December 7 log entry. by Garth talks about integrating CityDesk with Blogger

Daren has done some great documentation on his sites: for example

  • Creating A Main Page -- Tips on setting up your site's main page (including a What's New listing) and using folders within CityDesk.
  • Folders -- How to use folders to organise your articles into logical groupings, with an index page for each topic to simplify site navigation.

About my first site by TK

About my second site by TK by Gil

Using CityDesk: by Darren

CityDesk first impressions: by Darren

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