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Saturday, February 21, 2009

The most recent additions are at the top. Send me your site Send me your site  and I'll put it on the list.See Darren's list too. You'll find some good information at Telepark.

Play to Click online Video Robert Morrissey and Penelope Allingham in Atlanta, GA by Terry Kearns
Play to Click online video - click to visit the site

Cedar Park High School Theatre (CPHS) by Ken Blake

Aldine High School 1958 by Ken Blake

Austin Senior Golf Association by Ken Blake "Websites the old fashioned way" by Terry Kearns by Terry Kearns "Websites the old fashioned way" by Terry Kearns

Jack Rosenberg Attorney - Mediator, Employment / Discrimination Law, Unemployment Appeals by Terry Kearns
Jack Rosenberg Attorney - Mediator, Atlanta Georgia - click to visit the website

Room Service Custom Window Treatments by Nannette Roberts  by Terry Kearns 
Room Service Custom Window Treatments by Nannette Roberts Atlanta GA - Click to visit the site

Tumbleweed Rustic Furnishings by Terry Kearns 
Tumbleweed Rustic Furnishings and Furniture, Miami Circle Atlanta GA - click to visit the site.

Tara Dugan Kusumoto Freelance writing and other adventures by Terry Kearns
Tara Dugan Kusumoto Freelance writing and other adventures

Umbrella The supremely re-readable electronic journal by  Kate Bernadette Benedict
Umbrella The supremely re-readable electronic journal by Kate Bernadette Benedict

Loods 6 AHOI by Ruud van Soest
Loods 6 AHOI by Ruud van Soest

c bücheler LANDSCHAFTSARCHITEKT by Christoph Bücheler


The eQUESTRIAN by Mike
The eQUESTRIAN - click to visit the site

Transpara by Terry

Jack's Pizza & Wings, Old Fourth Ward, Atlanta by Terry
Jack's Pizza & Wings, Old Fourth Ward, Atlanta

Dingo Gap Gallery by Peter Medbury
Dingo Gap Gallery by Peter Medbury

North European Benchmarking Co-operation (NEBC) by Marcel Hoogland
North European Benchmarking Co-operation (NEBC)

ITCH-trainingen Nederland by Marcel Hoogland
ITCH-trainingen Nederland

Samenwerken aan Water  by Marcel Hoogland
Samenwerken aan Water

Geers Makelaardij en Taxatiebureau b.v. by Marcel Hoogland
Geers Makelaardij en Taxatiebureau b.v.

Almasi - Coaching van Zelfontwikkeling  by Marcel Hoogland
Almasi - Coaching van Zelfontwikkeling

Agriturismo Atretino by Marcel Hoogland
Agriturismo Atretino

ITCH-trainingen maakt je wakker by Marcel Hoogland
ITCH-trainingen maakt je wakker

Frank Bruining Personal Coaching & Training by Marcel Hoogland
Frank Bruining Personal Coaching & Training

Oefentherapie Cesar Veenendaal by Marcel Hoogland

IJsbeer Communicatie & Consultancy  by Marcel Hoogland
IJsbeer Communicatie & Consultancy

Landelijk Meldpunt Afvalstoffen by Marcel Hoogland
Landelijk Meldpunt Afvalstoffen

La Mano by Eelco de Vries
La Mano

Arcade-Coaching by Eelco de Vries

Ykema Assurantiën & Hypotheken B.V. by Eelco de Vries
Ykema Assurantiën & Hypotheken B.V.

Acajou Objets de Vitrine by Eelco de Vries
Acajou Objets de Vitrine

Nebojsa Damjanovich by Nebojsa Damjanovich
Nebojsa Damjanovich

eMarketing túlélőcsomag by Damjanovich Nebojsa
eMarketing túlélőcsomag by Damjanovich Nebojsa

Amazing Disney Homes for Frank by Terry
Amazing Disney Homes vacation rentals

Nova Scotia Department of Community Services
Nova Scotia Department of Community Services

Eurobits Technologies in Spanish and English by Arturo González Mac Dowell
Eurobits Technologies in Spanish and English by Arturo González Mac Dowell - click to visit the site

Stokerkade cultuurhistorische uitgeverij by Pim van Schaik and Ruud van Soest
Stokerkade cultuurhistorische uitgeverij - click to visit the site

C&P Software by Paul

Techno-Rock Stone Veneers by Tim of  Nifty Web Design

Eagle Therapies by Tim of  Nifty Web Design

Peter Spurling, Certified Practising Accountant by Tim of  Nifty Web Design

Loderway Moving Walkways by Tim of  Nifty Web Design

St. Andrew's Church, Ottawa by Amadeo and Roger

Fix the Circle on Reeder Circle by Terry

Oostelijk Havengebied Amsterdam (some pages in English) by Ruud

Amsterdam's Eastern Docklands (in english) by Ruud

Stadswandelkantoor (City Walks Office, some pages in english) by Ruud

Stichting Cultuurlijn by Ruud

Talk to me! by Ruud (citydesk cms functionality integrated in existing site)

De Bond Heemschut by Ruud (and 13 other provincial sites of a nationwide heritage organisation in the Netherlands, edited by each province, integrated in main site). by Jeff Kolker

Savvy Interiors, Rebecca Creel by Terry

Flamingo Retreat by Terry

Lizard Works Magazine by Peter

MyQuickScans by Merijn

Phillipines Sources by Joe

PC Specialties by Joe

Adopt a Minister International by Joe

Reeder Redecoration by tk

Patsy's Beach Place by tk

Danish Delight Bakery by tk  by Wauter by Dan

Follow Steph by Steph

Xona:  Helpful technology articles & forums providing tips & solutions for PC/Windows users by Matthew

Paxety Pages by Juan

Simmons Photos by Juan

Noiseless Typewriter by Juan

Chain of Fools by Juan

Philippines Sources The Source of Information for doing Business in the Philippines and America  by Joe by tk Casa de Lil Villa is a Vacation Villa at Palma Real Villas Punta Cana, Dominican Republic by Julian

"Heemschut, bescherming cultuurmonumenten" is an association for the protection of cultural heritage and ancient monuments in The Netherlands by Menno Tillema

Terry Kearns' Web Service Center and Discussion Forums  by tk is my first integration of CityDesk and FogBugz

VNI Properties, LLC by tk

Do More Than Manage by Gord.

Aspire To Own by tk

Lazy Day Condo by tk

CID Interactive Media Systems by Stefan by David

Fluvanna County Properties by Debra Weiss

The Patsy Strong Team by Debra Weiss

The Loerie Festival 2004 by Davy by John

John Cesta by John

Erfolgreich werben mit Google AdWords by Mari

Vollblutaraber-Gestüt Hoher Fläming by Martin

Media & IT-Service by Martin

Down Syndrome NSW by Darren

RIserv Computer Services by Dan

City of American Canyon by Charlie

Nifty Web Design by Tim

Football Fever by Tim

The Jacaranda Group  by Tim by Tim

Pyrenees Quarries by Tim

Peter Cummings, Glass Artist by Tim

The Overlander Bed and Breakfast by Tim

Encounter Church by Tim

Lions Club of Castlemaine by Tim

Casurina Park by Tim

Charter Farmhouse by Tim  

Bond Store by Tim

The Portager and the Cherry Orchard by Tim

Aquarian Technologies by Tim

Tait Decorative Iron by Tim

TypingMaster by Tim

Serveradmin Tools by Tim

Watercolour Web by Tim

Turner's Horseriding Farm by Tim

Oztruck, IS Edit Transport & Technical Communications by Tim

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