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Places (7-24-03)
Real Stories About Driving to the Beach features the closest beaches to Atlanta and beach driving distances from Atlanta.

Lets eat!  Where do you like to eat at the beach?  This is a forum where you can post your own restaurant reviews.  If you know of a good place to buy fresh seafood, tell us about it.

Beach Site Catalogue We searched for the most useful beach web sites and we are still searching.

Islands without bridges.

Fishing Piers  We've tried to locate every ocean fishing pier.  We've found some pictures and links to many of them.  We've never caught many fish from a pier but we enjoy walking them.  They have a great view of the beach, the surf, the waves, interesting fish, and interesting people.  Best of all is the smell, the grime, and the decay of a honest place doing its job.  This page wants to become a map someday.

We've Been There  We've been to a lot of beaches and would certainly like to visit more of them.

Lighthouses, Islands and Inlets  Highlights the inlets, harbors,  sounds, and lighthouses. We wish it was a real map but maybe we'll get there some day.

Dunlawton001.jpg (213606 bytes)Bridges  Like piers these man-made marvels get us to the beach, take us home again and provide a great view.  You can find maps and some pictures here.

Boats Ports Planes   Look here if you like ships, planes, and related museums. There are links to all the ports, maritime museums, and armed forces museums.

Beaches In Atlanta  Lists Atlanta's own beaches and water parks.