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About us (5-08-02)
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We are a family that spends one week each year summer vacationing at the beach, usually in the Southeast.  The other 51 weeks we dream about the beach.  We certainly aren't experts but we sure do love the beach and have visited a lot of many of them.

There are lots of web sites about the beach: commercial, personal, and scientific,  but, we want even more. Because we live in Atlanta, we want to concentrate on the beaches closest to our Atlanta Beach House.  Because we never met a beach we didnít like, we want to give all the beaches in our neighborhood a fair shake.  Because beach cruising is one of our favorite pastimes, we want you to visit all the beaches and judge them for yourself.

We want this to be your favorite beach site when you are not at the beach and we want it to be useful when you are at the beach.  Good beach websites should be the only reason to take your laptop to the beach.  We, of course have a long way to go.

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