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Departments (7-14-03)
Real Stories About Driving to the Beach features the closest beaches to Atlanta and beach driving distances from Atlanta.

Lets eat!  Where do you like to eat at the beach?  This is a forum where you can post your own restaurant reviews.  If you know of a good place to buy fresh seafood, tell us about it.

Hall of Fame  Our list of superlatives.  You can find the sites we love and things we hate about the beach.

Beach forums on the web Some are about the south some not.

Beach Books  Our favorite beach books.

Beach Media  Radio, newspapers, and magazines about the beach.  You can find the Charleston News and Courier, and the  Apalachicola Times and every news paper in between.

Links  If we can't classify a beach site, we put it here.  You can find some nature sites, fish, and lighthouse information here.  Lots of odd sites such as the Virtual Sand Collection.

Log  We keep a complete log of changes we make to the site.