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Beaches in Atlanta Atlanta doesn't have salt water but it does have some public beaches: (7-24-02)
Atlanta Beach (*map)  Site of Olympic beach volleyball.  We don't know how much use it gets these days.  (no water here)

The Atlanta Boardsailing Club (windsurfing) maintains a great site highlighting places to sail around Atlanta and the SE coast.

Atlanta Ocean is an Atlanta club made up of environment friendly beach lovers.  They make frequents trips to support turtle nesting.  We don't have a link yet.

The Beach at Clayton County International Park A lake, water park, and more.  Home of Olympic Volleyball in 1996.  The website doesn't even have a map but it's near I-75, Exit 228.  Still, a neat place.

Lake Acworth Beach and Cauble Park  Look for "Outdoor Activities" button.

Lake Jackson is 44 miles southeast of Atlanta.  I like this website.  It's a labor of love.

Lake Lanier Islands   Look for "site map" in order to find beach and water park page.

Lake Oconee is on I-20 about an hour west of Atlanta.

Lake Sinclair  Near Milledgeville east of Macon.

Lake Tobesofkee is west of Macon.  Here is a Terraserver aerial photo of one of the beaches.

Robin Lake Beach at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, Georgia, is sixty miles southwest of Atlanta.

Stone Mountain Park  beach  (*map)  A mountain, a lake, a beach, a train, a laser show, camping..  A unique place.

Whitewater Park  Not really a beach but lots of fun.  Look for directions at the bottom of web page.

Tennessee Aquarium  Not really in Atlanta and not really a beach but it's close enough and close enough.