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Reeder Redecoration
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We painted another oak floor white, oh my!!
I like painting, I like the results, I'm not bad at it. What's driving me crazy is trashing perfectly good rooms in order to empty out the room I'm painting. When the empty a room on HGTV, they don't show you where they put the furniture.

This was not pleasure painting. I spent 8 hours emptying the room and two jam packed closets, removing the carpet, removing the carpet pad, removing the tacking strips, removing the staples, and preparing the floor.

So here it is ready to paint. In our 1988 renovation, the budget forced us to carpet rather than refinsh the floor. I think the painter used this as their ready room. The carpet was in good shape but not the right color any more.

Paint is much cheaper than refinishing.

This doesn't capture the color of the wall but it's a warm color.


How did all that stuff fit in the little bedroom? The agony of trashing three rooms in order to paint one.

The hall trashed

Bedroom #2 trashed

Living room trashed.

Now all I have to do is to install the toe molding, paint the trim, and move everything back in. After some finishing touches, bedroom #2 will be done.

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