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Reeder Redecoration
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We painted an oak floor white!!!
We were speechless when Gordon suggested it. Who in the world would paint an oak floor? We didn't like the carpet any more. So we took it out. The floor needed refinishing anyway. We could spend about $600 to refinish all 185 square feet and have it look like the rest the floors. Or would could spend $50 on a gallon of paint and supplies and have something unusual, special and VERY BRIGHT.

Your tired host and painter is ready for 15 minutes of painting after 7 hours of junk clearing, furniture moving, carpet ripping, tacking strip prying, staple pulling, minor sanding, sweeping, vacuming, and tack ragging.


The first coat. We are really digging it. The room appears twice a big and three times as bright. We're going to paint the walls too. White?

A note on floor paint. We used off the shelf Benjamin Moore white oil-based glossy paint with "excellent leveling properties." What that means is that the paint is thin and watery. It's like dipping your brush in milk. I guess that allows the paint to "level." Wall and ceiling paint has to be sticky enough to stay up there.

It covers very well though. It's the darkest thing I've every painted over.

The paint is opaque but the planks and imperfections show. Seems like a good thing to me. It invites you to walk on it without worrying about messing it up. The lines and dings give it texture and character.

What about an all white room? JoAnn is balking. I'm game. The advantages: very light and any color in the room would pop, even an off white. Disadvantages: sounds boring. We've had white rooms before but never with a white floor.

Well we're starting off with all white. We can always paint one wall a color.


Ready mixed "White" enamal floor paint, glossy



OC-19 "Seapearl" Latex eggshell



Ready mixed "White" Latex semi-gloss



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