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Reeder Redecoration
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The street side view gets a onceover
Curb appeal needed. Our beautiful trees make our house look small and ...

At least I kept our Nandinas from getting leggy! But I couldn't do much about the Yoshino Cherry. It's so beautiful when it bloom, I dare not touch a limb. I remember when it was so small. Now it's huge.

The river birch is the same story. It was ten feet high when planted it, took several of our neighbors to help but it still looked puny. Puny no more, every two or so years I lop 10 feet off the top. Every year it grows another 10 feet. Beautiful bark though.

What to do with the birch and cherry? Will we have to cut them down? Who knows?

Spring picture, tree in the right urn, R.I.P.. tree in the left urn - too big. Screens are in sorry shape.

Screens gone

Porch tree gone, pumpkins added

The River Birch's bark looks great

But it's huge and dwarfs the house

The Yoshino mostly hangs over the house and hides in the other trees. In Spring, it's another story.

The hedge between the bunny and the telephone pole is out of control, blocks light, makes the house look small and dwarfs the bunny. Notice the guide sting for the hedge haircut.

Not any more. It brightened up the whole yard and the house. I found a bunch of basketballs, soccer balls and softballs in the brush.

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