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Reeder Redecoration
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The red lamps and headboard
We're having chain reaction redecorating. When one place starts looking good, it makes the rest of the look bad. How can we fix up our bedroom on the cheap? It all started with the red lamp. We hang the 8 picture frames.

I'm behind two shopping trips. I'm going to chuck chronological order on this article, it just too confusing. On Monday we headed out in search of some curtain panels for the jungle office. I wasn't too excited about it but we found the very one at Linens and Things. I'm skipping over several steps here but we got them home, put them on a broom handle and they looked fantastic and decided to get them but in the 96" length. Of course, our panels were the only ones in Linens and Things that only came in 84" lengths. We punted on the panels.

Unbeknownst to me JoAnn and Gordon had been talking seriously about our bedroom. After Linens and Things we headed to World Market near Disco Kroger. You see, they have these Barbara Bordnick pictures, cheap. Gordon loves them for color and says they'd look great in our bedroom. This passes right over my head at the time. I mean, I'd heard the bedroom mentioned but maybe it was in a dream.

Then we head to Bombay Company and spot some candle sconces. Gordon says, trust me on these but we continued to look around. Then we saw "The Mirror."

It's big, it's strange, it goes with our rug colors and rug patterns.
The frame is black with gold flecks.
But we didn't even need a mirror.

We'll put the mirror where the lighthouse is in the entrance. That means we don't need a mirror over "The Thing." We did an experiment where the mirror was.

Too many circle things to work. It was just a thought.
We still have a problem to solve.

Two grown men with frogs. We headed to Marshals at Disco Kroger, straight to the home decor section. We found two frog things. Get serious! Gordon said they were fun, we could always return them and he wanted one for a Christmas present anyway. Why not?

With frogs in hand Gordon steered me toward the duvet covers. Moma taught me bedspreads; what the heck is a duvet cover? Gordon says it's a bedspread.  In any case he shows me "bedspreads" which are cheap and would transform our bedroom. Oops, the bedroom idea wasn't a dream, it's happening right now.

The picture I really wanted: Two grown men, approaching Marshals checkout, each carrying a silly frog thing, without the slightest embarrassment. In fact, we were proud.

The red lamps at Bombay. The mirror was cool enough and I was ready to call it a night. Then we saw the red lamps. Gordon said you could build a room based on the lamps. The bedroom redo suddenly flashed before my eyes.

We ordered the mirror but not the lamps or the sconces. Once we got home I called to reserve the lamps, and picked them up the next day. Once home we put them in the bedroom. We were inspired but it was too late to do anything else.

Re-imagining the bedroom. Somewhere in this bedroom story Gordon mentioned a rattan headboard at Paris on Ponce. I went looking for it while doing pickups. The Paris folks showed me one they thought Gordon was interested in. I took JoAnn to see it. It was a huge 4-poster queen. I left Gordon a message and we headed home wondering it that was the one.

Gordon arrived about dinner time. He'd gone to Paris on Ponce, got the headboard he really meant and had it in his SUV.

This is a detail of the headboard.
Many colors of brown.

We headed to our bedroom and Gordon started his magic. I've probably forgotten to tell your what we made another trip to World Market and got 5 flower pictures. Gordon now had the red lamps, the headboard, 5 flower pictures and the other stuff we had at the house.

Gordon is a world class furniture arranger. It best just to stand back and watch while obeying any orders.

How many pictures and which ones?

Two big pictures?

Four small pictures?

Five pictures?

Three big pictures are the ticket. They'll be the same height.
They magically changed the room somehow.

How would it look with a gold pillow and a (simulated) bench at the foot of the bed?

Gordon rearranged the rest of the room too.

All this rearrangement was to see what was viable. Now we had something very viable.

We all sat in our new bedroom and talked paint color and fabrics. It was all very exciting but Gordon suggested we finish upstairs before we do anything in the bedroom.

We hung the frames in the hall. That was more of a chore than I ever imagined. We'll have to number each picture. If a picture hangs on the wrong nails, we'll lose all the straight lines.

Dropclothes at the ready in the hall.

We will actually put pictures in them.

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