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Reeder Redecoration
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Sofa, ottoman, wing chair, and VOODOO pillow
It's cheaper to buy inexpensive ready-made stuff than it is to make slipcovers or worse - reupholstering. And, you get pieces you want. See the fabric samples too.

Of course it's cheaper still to keep the 20 year old sofa and 30 year old wing chair. I'm sure there is a perfect place for our old stuff, but not at our house right now.

It all started last Friday at Horizon Furniture, also known as J & M Furniture Incorporated (404-351-8090). Something great about the store and the owner, Mike. We'd never bought anything there but we keep heading back to see what's new.

On friday we saw the red wing chair and bought if after at least five minutes of serious thought. After more shopping (see Voodoo Pillow below), we took it right home. Where it pumped up our already pumped bedroom and made our old love seat look like a child's toy sofa.

The red winger.

The red chair demanded more: a coffee table and a love seat. We headed back to Horizon on Saturday and went crazy.

Ottoman coffee table, just don't try to put any coffee on it.

The taupe sofa with narrow cordoroy like fabric.

Arranged but not cluttered up yet.

This is what it looks like when you enter the bedroom.
Sorry for all the white in the picture.


If that's not enough, check out the voodoo pillow:

It's spooky but it goes anywhere and looks good everywhere in the bedroom.
Better not lean back against the "toothy" side.


We saved the fabric samples for last. These are from Forsyth Fabrics. The color is close, the size is almost exactly right. The reds pull from the the lamps, wing chair, the flower picture. The black from the bench and the chest and nightstands. The flower motif is from the pictures and the plants. I don't remember the rest but they look great in here.

Cover for the bench and maybe a pillow.
The colors are more vivid than in this picture.

Piano bench and dust ruffle.
The colors are more vivid than in the picture.


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