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Prepaing for a shopping trip and lighting experiments
We're going shopping on Thursday and we made a list. We experimented with outdoor lighting. The words of the day are "free wood chips."

Here is today's list:

  • A sculpture for above the keystone in the Palladian window. We've got about 14 inches. Gordon says we could get an eagle. JoAnn isn't so sure. Point is something could go there to attract the eye. Not a top priority right now.
  • Fountain. Gordon saw some cool ones at Atlanta Water Gardens. JoAnn and I had a look there. Size is an issue. If it's a small one we'll have to buy more "other stuff" to go with it. The "other stuff" might detract from the fountain. Cheaper to put more into a fountain and save on "other stuff."
  • Fabric for the as yet un bought chair and two pillows.
  • Chair. Gordon doesn't want to spend $300+ on a chair to upholster. Better to find a $100 chair. Maybe 3 yards (at about $60/yard) of fabric for the chair.
  • Legs for "the thing:" He saw a $25 coffee table with great legs at Good Will. We might be able to use the legs.
  • 2 Marble table tops. This is  a Thursday shopping item.
  • Student lamp for behind the sofa. A full on lamp or table lamp will block the window and the ficus tree. Better to have a lamp with allow profile.
  • Portrait lights to illuminate the screen. See Lighting by Gregory.
  • Up light for ficus tree.
  • Table accessories for marble table under screen.
  • Kitchen hardware (pulls).
  • Paint:
    • Ceiling of great room
    • Laundry hall (could paint inside of glass kitchen cabinets the same color)
    • Bar stools maybe the burgundy from the new rug.
  • Carpet pad.
  • Pictures for the porch wall.
  • Kitchen Rug, 5x7. A rag rug might do in the right colors. We tried out Rachel's rag rug.
  • Dining chair cushion fabric.
  • Porch furniture.
  • Kitchen Window. Maybe something above the window, maybe something to hang plants from.
  • Counter divider. This is a little wall that keeps the eye off the range and other "kitchen'y parts of the kitchen.
  • Little side table for leather chair.
  • Dishes maybe just plain glass with some colored drinking glasses.
  • Place mats.
  • Compote / tiered thing for dining table centerpiece.
  • Nick nacks for "the thing."
  • Glass shelves and side glass for "the thing."
  • Glass shelves for the glass kitchen cabinet. Two or three? See below.

The glass shelf in the kitchen could be better:

The shelves are full of junk and the shelves themselves don't look good where they are.

We could keep the shelves and align them better with the mullions. Better: use glass shelves. Glass would be invisible and thinner.

Free wood chips might be the best thing for the new part of the yard. Who has them? and

Outdoor lighting experiments.
Carl suggested we experiment with black sheet metal to alginate the glare of our lanterns. I did that and I asked Gordon to check it out. It certainly eliminates the glare which it truly a good thing. It made the lanterns look a little strange though. Gordon started folding cardboard and experimenting, trying to block the glare while keeping the look of the lantern. The best thing would be to shield just about an inch of the bulb. it would take a piece of metal about the size of a spoon. Maybe I can do that.

Then Gordon had me move the spotlight all over the yard. The first thing we noticed was the you can't see the cupola in the dark. So I aimed the light at the left side of the cupola. Looked great. I moved it to the right side. From one position I lit the bunny, the cherry tree and the cupola. That was fun.

The main problem is how to place the lights so they will not shine in your eyes as you walk out of the front door. Put them in a tree? Block them with a bush? Get a fixture that is "deep?" Stay tuned.

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