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Reeder Redecoration
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Painting the garage
The Lynch's next door are fixing up their backyard. They tore down the deck and are building a stone patio. Our garage is a major eyesore. Gordon says to paint it very dark so it will disappear.

There is a movement at our place to paint the whole house. The 17 year old paint job on our 50 year old garage is kaput. They Lynch's went to a lot of trouble to bury their electric service wire several years ago and our garage is a major feature in their back yard. So I'm using the opportunity to practice outdoor painting and to give a little back to the Lynch's.

I think nearly every garage still standing in the neighborhood is painted white. Nearly every backyard is bookended by two eyecatching white garages and it's not pretty. We're doing our part to diminish ugly garages.

Reeder Garage Door before painting
This actually doesn't look as bad as is really is.

But this is the Lynches view.

After scraping there wasn't much paint left.

The oil based tinted primer went up over the whole thing.

Essex Green!

The Lynch's new view.


The details:

1364 "Essex Green"

Benjamin More ready mixed latex

The research today says to use Latex. We'll let you know in another 17 years. Gordon says lighter or darker would make it more visible.
  • Two afternoons of scraping.
  • Two afternoons of priming.
  • One long afternoon painting.
  • 2 Gallons dark green tinted oil primer.
  • 2 Gallons Essex Green Latex.
  • Painted clapboard and concrete block foundation.
  • I wish the roof was dark too.
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