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Ordering the sofa and chairs, two pictures and panic
Oh boy, we're in deep now. We ordered the sofa and two chairs today and bought two cheap pictures. Panic set in. Is this the look we want? (In layman's terms: Do we really like it?)

Crazy days can make for crazy us. We left the chenille fabric at MANORism, yesterday so I was drove over at opening time. The first guy didn't know what I was talking about. The second said, "it's over there."

We headed for the Buckhead Sofa Store and bought the following from Conover but I can't find the models on the Conover Chair website.

  • 1 Y2133  sofa with antique black exposed legs, no casters, fabric 65143-12. Includes 4 throw pillows for accent fabrics.
  • 2 C1550 chair fabric 65143-12
  • 50 Yards fabric 65143-12 (to be sent to Conover)

Two Pictures:
We're feeling a little faint and don't have much time. Gordon steers us to B A Framer in Buckhead. I don't know, were feeling a little snobby about BA Framer but Gordon seems to be able to find stuff anywhere. We're not sure what he's looking for other than to use the brief time we have. We certainly don't want something from BA Framer in OUR house. Gordon assures us that we do.

Gordon raced through the stacks of mantle sized pictures and picked out two on sale with beautiful frames multi-part frames. Honestly, JoAnn and I weren't thinking of that. We're in the little-picture-thinking-mode. We're rather aghast but Gordon assures us that both would work, the frames are beautiful if we want to put a mirror in them and they are an absolute steal. Well, we stole "the thing" so we're in the mood for that. We have 30 days to return them.

Here they are:

Van Gogh's "The Drawbridge"

Mounted on encyclopedias for the time being.

Don't know what this is but David wants it in his room.

You can see it with the rug. My color correction makes the orange
fluoresce more than the actual picture but it's noticeable.

Panic and the pictures
I think JoAnn may have had horrible rug nightmares last night. Today she's a little unsure. Putting our new bargain pictures on the mantle pushed her closer to the edge. She called her buds up to come over for second opinions. Rachel made a quick emergency visit and declared the rug "just fine." Katherine is withholding comment. David hates the sunset in the living room (and wants it in his room).

We'll it's certainly worth a panic or two, we're in deep now.

The rug panic is mostly about it making the room too dark. So we ordered both sofa and chairs in the same light colored chenille.

Amir called from Source Rug & Home called at just the right time. "How is the rug and how are you liking it?" I said we are a bit unsure right now. The store policy is return for an exchange. He explained it and said we should take a little more time. Said that it usually grows on you. He urged us to get second opinions. Amir is good. If he sold cars, we'd all be driving Cadillacs.

I'm still rather hopeless in all this. I'm just amazed at everything. But in my vain hope of objectivity I'll make some comments.

  • This is going to turn our much cooler than I imagined.
  • We've lived with it the same way for 16 years. Every significant change - a rug, a picture on the mantle - is a shock. It might be great, but it's a shock.
  • When we first put the rug down, the first thing I noticed was that the sectional instantly looked bad. The color didn't go with the rug. The effect was amazing. I can't wait for our new sofa and fabric to arrive.
  • The second thing I noticed was that our sectional popped. It seemed much lighter. I guess it popped a little off the wood floor but with the red carpet it was something else.
  • The new sofa and chairs are taller and more substantial than our sections. Overall we'll have as much seating space but the effect will be more brightness. That is, our taller furniture set against our red rug will punch up the brighness scale a few notches more.
  • Gordon does more color matching than I thought possible. I think the layman's trick is to close your eyes and notice the first thing you see when you open them. Gordon considers the color of table legs, kitchen hardware, fireplace tools not to mention the big stuff. It's all big stuff when it comes to color.
  • We try to remember that we're going to paint the ceiling a color.
  • Trying out the pictures on the mantle was intense. We're used to seeing our little concrete medalian and blank space there.

  • Those pictures were a revelation to me. There are thousands of pictures that would look great there. I never imagined. Putting a picture up there transformed the room.
  • Related to the effect of the mantle picture. I'm impressed with how much decoration a room can take if done well.
  • Gordon and I like the Van Gogh on the mantle more than every one else. If you could get a steady supply of inexpensive pictures like that, and you probably can, you could change the look in about 3 minutes by hanging another picture.
  • I wish we could get a real Van Gogh, even a smallish one.
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