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About us (5-08-02) Map sources  Where we've found online maps,  (06-12-02)

Commercial Online Maps


Aerial and Topographic


Commercial Mapmakers



Hurricanes hurricane (NOAA) NOAA
satellite index NOAA
Atlantic satellite-IR NOAA
Gulf satellite-vapor NOAA
FEMA Federal Emergency Management Authority?
weather.com (hurricane) Weather Channel tropical satellite map
UofH worldwide hurricane University of Hawaii
UofH tracking (*map) University of Hawaii
Tides The tides nearly everywhere  
Weather weather.com (se radar)  
UM Weather University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. Remarkably comprehensive weather sources including maps and satellite photos.
earthwatch (se radar)  
Forest Fires forest fires (*map) Comprehensive source for forest fire information in the US with maps.


Commercial Online Maps
Meta map links About Network Links to several commercial mappers.
Driving Directions Mapquest A limited number of "free" maps for your site.
Mapblast A limited number of "free" maps for your site.
Vicinity A marketing arm for Mapblast
Navigation Technologies Inc Part of or owner of Mapquest
Tiger Mapping Service Example.  I don't understand this yet.  Commercial or government.
DeLorme/Cybermaps Some free images
yahoo.com Maps from Mapquest.
Zip2 Corp From MyWay Corp and AtlaVista
Geography Goegraphy.about.com Cool example of a relief map of Georgia.  I don't know quite whatt this is but there are some interesting map links.


Most of these links to many map sources worth checking out.
Yale Old, historic maps Great Map Links
University of Berne, Switzerland: The Ryhiner Project    
Bodleian Library, Oxford    
Brock University    
University of California, Berkeley   Lots of links
University of Connecticut    
University of Georgia: The Hargrett Library Rare Map Collection    
Harvard University    
Library of Congress    
University of Minnesota    
Princeton University    
University of Texas The Clark University Map Library    
Armstrong Atlantic State Savannah Images Project Savannah Fortress Images
The Clark University Map Library   No online maps
University of California at Riverside   Lots of links
University of Kansas Images from the Thomas R. Smith Map Collection  
California State University at Long Beach Lot of links  
Arizona State University    


Aerial and Topographic Maps
TerraServer Best interface, access to aerial, topo, and satellite.  
Topozone.com Clearer topo maps 100 "free" maps
MAPTECH One size map, can switch to nautical  


TerraServer Russian satellite photos.. Copyright by  Aerial Images, Inc. and SOVINFORMSPUTNIK
University of Michigan Comprehensive collection of weather related satellite images. Example: Savannah Base Reflectivity image.
Satellite Imaging "This site provides information on obtaining free or low cost Landsat, GOES, and Space Shuttle images. Also included are links to free satellite image processing software" By individual enthusiast.
NASA - Johnson Space Center Digital Image Collection Searchable Map

Earth Science PR Pictures

Not copyrighted with some restrictions.  Many confusing indexes of images.  Many not on line.
Satellite Photos from GoWally Index of current weather satellite images.  


Commercial Mapmakers
graphicmaps.com   Some free clip art
The Map Store of Minnesota    



Army Corps of Engineers Digital Library

Searchable list of non-copyrighted photos and graphics.  

National Health Protection Survey of Beaches for the 1999 Swimming Season

Important Information, beautiful maps.  
"Nationalatlas.gov" using the map browser  


Commercial Sites Brown's Marine So many boating links:  Find tugboats for sale.