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Action Log 

This is our things-to-do page.

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What Who When
Add freshness date to pages TK, LS Ongoing
ID and discuss with Key People TK LS, et al Ongoing
Publicize to PTA and others TK, Syd, et al 12/00 -1/01
Recruit supporters TK etal Ongoing
Make a proposals TK Ongoing
Promote the proposal   Ongoing
Create project site to allow folks to see what we're doing and to allow folks to collaborate. TK 10/00
Analyze site statistics LS Preliminary look 11/00
Publish daily or weekly announcements TK, Dr. Murray, PTSA, SJ Weekly *GradyGrams started 12/00.  Mail archive started 1/01.

Establish process for collecting and approving announcements.

Publish course syllabuses Requires major promotion.  
Get sports web reporter DD, KK Began with soccer, debate, Basketball, and cheerleading schedules.  12/00

Began reporting bball scores. 12/00

Get calendar web reporter LS 10/01
Get daily or weekly announcements web reporter    
Establish Grady Community Mailing Lists. TK, DD Began 12/00.  179 members by 1/01

Began Booster club 12/00.

Send Grady URL to Inman's listbot. TK et al  
Update and promote Grady Foundation and Alumni Pages TK, TS, MS Began 1/01
Promote processes that improve information availability via paper and web TK et al Began 1/01, ongoing
Determine process to involve students in managing content and publishing.  Particularly those in publications, photography, SGA, future computer enthusiasts. future web publishers. TK, et al