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Key People

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Key people

The Grady community is all about people who plan and produce.  Publishing information on the web is easy compared to creating a calendar or planning a field trip.

Lou Sartor Webmaster / teacher
Terry Kearns Parent volunteer
Dr. Vincent Murray Principal
Naomi Grishman Magnet Coordinator
Stephen Alford Computer / journalism teacher
Riki Bolster Southerner advisor
Syd Janney PTSA Communications Chair
Debbie DeMoss Booster Club president
Marian Tanis APS Technology Specialist
Karen Marshall Interested parent
Pat Goggins PTSA Technology Chair
Marlon Pilson Technology / business Teacher
Lisa Willoughby Teacher, manager of school calendar
Kathy Kuebbing Parent, publisher of PTSA's Knightlights.
Trisha Senterfit Grady Foundation