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If you like to see other school sites, we have them.  We talked with other school webmaster and documented facts about some of the sites. 

You can find maps here.

Grady's Feeder Schools
Centennial Place Elementary   
Charlie W. Hill Elementary   
John Hope Elementary  
Mary Lin Elementary  
Morningside Elementary  
Inman Middle  
Walden Middle  
Other Atlanta Elementary Schools
Morris Brandon Elementary
NW Atlanta
Pro bono contribution by IXL
Georgia High Schools
Walton HS Marietta Impressive site  Created and maintained by current students. Students update the site, usually from home. Updates are usually emailed to webmasters for publishing.

Use ISP hosting.  FrontPage is HTML editor.  Some Java Script. Don't have pictures so they don't yet have a policy on publishing student pictures.  No commercial advertising but do have a page for for student employment opportunities.

Web publishing is not specifically taught at Walton.

Parkview High School  Lilburn Comprehensive site - From the webmaster:

    We use FrontPage2000 on an outside host server provided by Verio, formerly InetNow.Com, a local company. 50 MB of space.  Guidelines which promote the purpose, continuity of pages, and ease of update consistent with the goal of providing information not flash.
    FrontPage2000 provides ability to divide web into subwebs which can be farmed out to our internal network. Subwebs are uploaded when necessary. (wonderful feature!)
    Nothing is published to the web without going through the webmaster/LSTC who is the only person with access to it. Two other backups have logins but can only use them in an emergency.
    Keep it simple. It's information people want, not an impression of how well one can build web pages.
    Every Parkview teacher workstation has FrontPage '98, supplied by Gwinette County.
    Only one person has publishing authority.  More than 10000 hits per month.  Daily announcements are very popular.
    Must have signed permission on file to publish student student names and pictures.   The webmaster delegates that responsibility to Web reporter (e.g.. the football team) for the information they publish.

Some helpful pages about administration:
Contributers Guide
for Parkview web contributers
Tech Team of faculty/staff
Tech Club maintains the web site
Parkview Technology Architecture 

Pope High School Marietta The webmaster is a Media Specialist and also the who has no spare time at school, and because of conflicts with the firewall in our county network, cannot upload files there; most of the work is done at home.

From the webmaster on 11-02-00:
   "Our site is going under major changes in the design and organization in the coming weeks - I am going to be using the Dreamweaver program for web creation. The site was created and maintained in HTML and Netscape Composer for the past 4 yrs. 
   Since I had NO time to spend in the redesign of the site, we paid for it to be done. The templates are now done, and I am working with the designer to fine tune them.
   You will notice that I have many links to school organizations that have independent sites - various teams, clubs, etc. This allows them to update them independently, which is great! 
   Cobb Co. has a strict policy about the identification of minors on school web sites - basically, a student must have the official permission form signed by their parents if their photo and name are on a web page. The sponsor or coach is responsible for collecting and keeping these on file. Our county is developing more guidelines for school web sites, and should have them out in a few months."

12-10-00  Pope redesign, from the webmaster, " We did it in Dreamweaver by Macromedia. I am still in the learning curve...it's a steep one, but it is getting easier. Unfortunately, the firewall on our network in Cobb is keeping me from uploading, so all the work is from home until our techies figure out how to get around it!"

North Atlanta High School Atlanta  
McIntosh High School Peachtree City  
Starrs Mill High School Fayetteville  
Fayette County High School Fayetteville Frames.  Can find teachers name with one click
Woodward Academy  College Park Interesting, some teachers list homework assignments.
Westminster  Atlanta Professionally done 
Lovette  Atlanta Professionally done.  Daily announcements.  Good educational links.
Paideia  Atlanta Good teacher list
Pace Acedamy  Atlanta Pace Public Page  Pace doesn't publish student names on the Internet.  Main site is password protected.
Marist School Atlanta  
St. Pius X  Atlanta  
Druid Hills High School  Dekalb County One click to teachers. Nice aerial photo.
Centennial High School  Roswell  
Roswell High School Roswell Totally created by students.  In-school Linux server connected via IDSL. FrontPage, Server also used by students for programming study.  Independent students students will enhance 2nd semester '00

5000 - 6000 hits a month.

Daily announcement update process:  "Announced"  from separate pages.  Typed, copied,  and distributed on paper to all classes by principal's secretary.  Secretary gives disk to webmaster for site update.

Cannot show picture and name of a student on the same page.

Chatthoochee High School  Cobb County  
North Springs High School  Sandy Springs North Springs Oracle Online
Heritage High School Conyers  
LaFayette High School  LaFayette Inactive so far (10-17-00) for 2000-2001
Thomasville High School  Thomasville   
Brunswick High School  Brunswick  
Darlington High School Rome  
APS school index Points to APS hosted school sites.
Cobb County School Link page  
Dekalb County School Link page  
Fayette County Board of Education  
Fulton County Schools Link page School web site are at bottom of each school's description page.
Florida High Schools
Fort Walton Beach High School FL  
Gulf High School New Port Richey FL  Excellent, done by a math teacher.
Tennessee High Schools
Christian Brothers High School, Memphis TN Wow, great daily announcements.
Massachusetts High Schools
Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School Find the webmasters under "Activities"
North Carolina High Schools
Millbrook High School Raleigh  
Mecklenburg County School Link page (Charlotte)  
North Mecklenburg High School Huntersville  
Alabama High Schools
Homewood High School  
Mountain Brook High School  
Cullman High School  
Citronelle High School north of Mobile  
South Carolina High Schools
Airport High School west Columbia  
Australia and New Zealand
Links to Australian and New Zealand Schools Thanks to Rod Young at Arthur Phillip High School  Sydney
Arthur Phillip High School  Sydney You can find a lot of information on this site if you dig around.
Hutt Valley High School  Lower Hutt NZ Impressive site