John D. Bridgers M.D.
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Memoirs and personal remembrances

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Shaggy Dog Chronicles
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[Image]A Personal and Family Memoir
Book 1 Bridgers & Whichard

Cover of "Shaggy Dog Chronicles"

Inside cover

Handwriting of "Shaggy Dog Chronicles"

Chapter 0 - A Journey Starts with a Single Step

Chapter 1, Part 1 - A Lot About Beavers - Concerning the General Stream of One Branch of the Bridgers Family

Chapter 1, Part 2 - "The Tidewater Hearth"

Chapter 1, Part 3 - To And From the Meherrin

Chapter 1, Part 4 - The Land of the Long-Leaf Pine

Chapter 1, Part 5 - Samuel and Elizabeth Bridgers, Sr. of Robeson

Chapter 1, Part 6 - Toward Another Clan

Chapter 2, Part 1 - More about beavers

Chapter 2, Part 2 - The Wishard/Whichard of Little Creek and Pungo

Chapter 2, Part 3 - The haunts of Blackbeard

Chapter 2, Part 4 - Confusion at Grindle Creek

Chapter 2, Part 5 - A trifling place on the Tar

Chapter 2, Part 6 - Truth in preference to Fiction - David Jordan and Henrietta (Sutton) Whichard

Chapter 2, Part 7 - Truth in preference to Fiction - The Sutton chronicles

Chapter 2, Part 8 - Truth in preference to Fiction - Nicholas Isler, a palatine ancestor and the Perkins connection

Chapter 2, Part 9 - Back to our line of Whichards and school days at the turn of the century

Shaggy Dog Chapter 2 Part 10 - From tobacco barns to hallowed halls

Shaggy Dog Chapter 2. Part 11 - From a spark in the Balkans



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