John D. Bridgers M.D.
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Memoirs and personal remembrances

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Shaggy Dog Chronicles


This concludes The Shaggy Dog Chronicles as initially published by Dr. John Bridgers in his own hand.  As mentioned in the text, these chronicles cover some of the same ground as his remembrance of his uncle, "Crick -- The Life and Times of Walter Linden Whichard." 

In addition to it's overlap in the early history of Greenville, North Carolina and the annals of the Whichard family, "Crick" continues the story of "Little Hennie," Essie, "Big Dave" and "Crick" from where The Shaggy Dog Chronicles leave off and introduces us to the next generation - John David, "Little David," Jack, Hennie Ruth, "Skeet" and "Libba." 

Future installments of The Shaggy Dog Chronicles are promised to include further stories on Dr. Bridgers' Navy career, his marriage in 1945 to Edith Holland Hamrick of Boiling Springs, North Carolina plus the family annals of the Hamrick and Moore families, Edie's paternal and maternal streams.  These sections will be added as available.

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