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Edith Hamrick Bridgers (1918 - 2000)

Edith Holland Hamrick was born 84 years ago in Boiling Springs, North Carolina on May 13, 1918.  She was the fifth child and third daughter of Thomas Carl and Marietta Moore Hamrick.  T. Carl and Marietta went on to have three more daughters and a family of ten.

The Newlywed's House

When I think today of Boiling Springs, I still remember mostly those old farm houses -- those still in the family, those passed on to others and the "The Newlywed's House," whose day has simply passed.

Edie & Jig Bridgers' 50th Wedding Anniversary

When they decided to marry, they didn't know the pacific war would end when it did, and my father had every reason to expect he would be back out there again. Fortunately, that didn't come to be. Two weeks after V-J Day, they were married at the base chapel -- that was August 27, 1945. My mother had to get written permission from the C.O. to wear her wedding dress.

Eulogy for Edith Hamrick Bridgers

Many people talk today about how much they have to do and actually wind up doing very little. She talked little and did much. Her years, like her gardens, were well kept, neat and pretty. Many people can't make time to raise a child. She raised six children. Many people plow deeply into a single spot in life. They hoard one small spot in time and place like a squirrel gathered around a few precious nuts it has buried in a favorite place. Edie plowed as far and wide as she did deep. She moved to places far away at both an early age and an old age. She book ended her life with risk and commitment. She was an indefatigable and steady laborer.

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