John D. Bridgers M.D.
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Memoirs and personal remembrances

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Jigs Bridgers has spent much of his adult life listening to stories -- both those of his own family and those of his wife Edie.  Over the years he has researched those stories and tried to fill in the gaps where he could.  However, as a self-professed storyteller, he has found himself more interested in the ebb and flow of events that lead his family to North Carolina than in a more traditional genealogical pursuit of his roots.

After his retirement, he decided to put these stories to pen.  "Crick," his initial effort, was completed in 1996 while Book One of “The Shaggy Dog Chronicles” was completed in 1999. In the years since, Jigs has been distributing copies of these to interested family members and friends.  The original hand-written volumes, though specifically written for the generations of his family yet to come, were a labor of love to be shared with all.

We, believing that the information in these volumes might be of interest not only to family and immediate acquaintances but to anyone interested in the settlement of Robeson and Pitt County, have transcribed the text of both volumes for this website.  We have tried to remain true to the originals in both style and format.  We dedicate this site to any who find they are traveling with the current in Jigs' family streams. 

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, complimentary information or just to say hello.  If we, or Dr. Bridgers, have failed to properly credit any other person's work or publication, please accept our apology and gratitude for your prior efforts.  An appropriate closing are Jigs' own words from the closing passage of "Crick": 

I'll be rewarded for these efforts if those of you who shared these
things -- and those of you who have and will come along -- take the time to read this.

I'll be doubly rewarded if you too find the pleasure.

We feel the same.  Thanks and enjoy.

Carl Bridgers and Terry Kearns
December, 2001

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