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****PTSA OPEN HOUSE has been RESCHEDULED for Tuesday 25th, September, 6:30pm in the theater. Come and meet teachers and Grady staff at the open house. Show your support and join the PTSA.

****Grady faculty ask for your help in putting together the school's application for National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence designation. If you are competent with word processing and available next week to type a first draft of the application, approximately 45 pages, please call Diane Terrell at 404-892-0072 or email atlantaddt@aol.com. The faculty are writing the application and will have sections ready for typing on Monday.

****See the important PSAT, and Guidance information at the bottom of this message.

** Parking Volunteers needed Contact Joe Giardina at 404-885-1071 email - JJG77@mindspring.com

  • Sunday October 7, 1-6pm.

** October 3:  Volunteers Needed for Georgia High School Graduation Test for Juniors. Eight parents, who are not the parents of 11th graders, are needed to help from 9:00 a.m. - noon.  Please call Jane Martin at 404/874-0989 or email jhartzogmartin @hotmail.com if you can help.  Thank you.

** Tell your friends about GradyGrams, particularly 9th grade parents and students.  Email me (Terry) at gradyproject@aol.com and I will sign up for you.

Fri. Sep. 14

  • 5:15 Varsity Football vs Lamar County @Grady
  • No Dance Following the Game (rescheduled for September 28)
  • Early Bird Debate Tournament Wake Forest University

Sat. Sep. 15

  • 8:00am Cross Country Carrollton Invitational
  • 10:00am JV Football @Mays
  • Westminster Debate Tournament
  • Early Bird Debate Tournament Wake Forest University

Sun. Sep. 16

  • Early Bird Debate Tournament Wake Forest University

Mon. Sep. 17

  • 5:00 Softball @ Northgate

Tue. Sep. 18

  • Faculty Meeting (Hi Places Presentation)
  • 4:45 Volleyball vs Crim @Grady
  • 6:45? vs. S. Atlanta @Grady

Wed. Sep, 19

  • 5:00 Cross Country APS Meet @Grant Park

Thu. Sep. 20

  • 4 PM Comedy Improv Showcase in Theatre
  • 5:00 Softball @Paideia
  • 4:45 Volleyball vs Southside @Grady
  • 6:45? Volleyball vs Harper/Archer @Grady

Fri. Sep. 21

  • 8:30-3:30 Underclassmen Pictures 
  • 7:30 Varsity Football @ Decatur
  • ACT Registration?
  • Warner Robbins Debate Tournament

Sat. Sep. 22

  • Warner Robbins Debate Tournament
  • ACT Test

Tue. Sep. 25

  • 5:00 - 6:00 Farewell reception honoring Mr. Don Doran (former Inman Principal) at the Inman School Media Center  Doran (former Inman Principal)
  • 6:30 Rescheduled PTSA Open House h at 6:30 in the Theater.

**We know there are many more events that the Grady Community wants to know about. Please help us by sending event notices and calendars to gradyproject@aol.com

** PSAT  Registration for the Preliminary Scholastic Assessment Test (PSAT)on October 16 started the week of September 10 and continues through October 12. Ninth graders pay $11 to take the PSAT, Atlanta Public Schools pays for all 10th graders, and the State of Georgia pays for all 11th graders.  Ninth and tenth graders are encouraged to take the PSAT.  For 11th graders the PSAT is also the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test.  Students register in the Guidance Counselor's Office.

** The Guidance Counselor's Support Committee of the PTSA meets the first Friday of each month in the Media Center.  This committee supports the counseling staff with a variety of activities during the year. The next meeting is October 5.  If you would like to serve on this committee, or learn more about it, please call Jane Martin at 404/874-0989 or email jhartzogmartin@hotmail.com

Terry Kearns