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** Parking Volunteers needed Contact Joe Giardina at 404-885-1071 email - JJG77@mindspring.com

  • Sunday October 7, 1-6pm.

**Free and reduced lunch forms have been distributed to Grady students.  All parents are strongly encouraged to return those forms ASAP so that Grady receives needed Title 1 funds.

**Earn Community Service Hours In the Comfort of Your Home:  If you have an engaging voice and enjoy reading, consider recording a book on audiocassette for emerging Inman Middle School readers.  For further information, email Ms. Hayes at mhayes1957@aol.com or phone 404-853-4037, ext. 611

** Tell your friends about GradyGrams, particularly 9th grade parents and students.  Email me (Terry) at gradyproject@aol.com and I will sign up for you.

Thu. Sep. 6

  • 5:00 Softball vs Crim @Southside Park Field 3
  • 5:45 Volleyball vs Crim  @Mays
  • 6:45 Volleyball vs Mays @Mays

Fri. Sep. 7

  • CINS Grant Deadline
  • 3:15 Pep Rally at the stadium
  • 5:15 Varsity Football vs Columbia @Grady(H)
  • After game dance until 9:00

Sat. Sep 8

  • Debate Tournament  - Mays
  • 8AM - NOON Fall Work Day - Plan to prune trees and shrubbery, weed beds, remove trees from fences and more! Bring saws, pruning shears, shovels, rakes, wheelbarrows, gloves and needs for major pruning of trees and shrubbery. Call Debbie DeMoss for additional info, 404-872-0456.
  • 9:30AM Cross County - Berry Invitational
  • 10:00am JV Football @North Atlanta

Mon. Sep. 10

  • GGT Re-testing
  • 1 - 6 Orator: Retake pictures for seniors @ Theatre
  • 5:00 Softball vs Carver @Southside Park Field 1

Tue. Sep. 11

  • Deadline for registering for October 13 SAT
  • GGT Re-testing
  • 1 - 6 Orator: Retake pictures for seniors @ Theatre
  • 5:45 Volleyball vs Blessed Trinity  @North Atlanta
  • 6:45 Volleyball vs N. Atlanta @North Atlanta
  • 6:00 Booster Club meeting in New Gym
  • 6:30 PTSA Open House, Theater  For parents only. Come and join the PTSA, meet other parents, and hear what your child's teachers have to say about expectations and course syllabus. Hospitality will be provided by the PTSA.

Wed. Sep. 12

  • Deficiency Notices Sent Home to Students at Risk of Failing a Class
  • GGT Re-testing
  • 12:00 CINS meeting Centennial Elementary - All of the CINS principals will speak.
  • 1 - 6 Orator: Retake pictures for seniors @ Theatre
  • 5:00 APS Cross Country Meet, Grant Park

Thu. Sep. 13

  • GGT Re-testing

Fri. Sep. 14

  • 5:15 Varsity Football vs Lamar County @Grady
  • Early Bird Debate Tournament Wake Forest University

Sat. Sep. 15

  • 8:00am Cross Country Carrollton Invitational
  • 10:00am JV Football @Mays
  • Westminster Debate Tournament
  • Early Bird Debate Tournament Wake Forest University

Sun. Sep. 16

  • Early Bird Debate Tournament Wake Forest University

Mon. Sep. 17

  • 5:00 Softball @ Northgate

Tue. Sep. 18

  • --Faculty Meeting (Hi Places Presentation)

Thu. Sep. 20

  • 4 PM Comedy Improv Showcase in Theatre

Fri. Sep. 21

  • 8:30-3:30 Underclassmen Pictures 

Tue. Sep. 25

  • 5:00 - 6:00 Farewell reception honoring Mr. Don Doran (former Inman Principal)

**We know there are many more events that the Grady Community wants to know about. Please help us by sending event notices and calendars to gradyproject@aol.com

Terry Kearns