Georgia Tech Women's Soccer Club

Georgia Tech Women's Soccer Club

The new Georgia Tech Womens Soccer Team site is now here. This site in an archive from 2001 - 2006.


Tue, 25 November 2003

Kris sliding on the groundIt takes more than soccer to field a team. This page partially details the responsibilities of team members and officers.


  • Organize the schedule (tournaments, home and away games).
  • Schedule and chair team and officer meetings.
  • Figure out who goes to the games, who drives (organizes participation).
  • Get refs/fields for games.
  • Maintain mailing list.
  • Send e-mail notices.
  • Make sure everyone is doing their jobs.
  • Serve as contact for the school sports club coordinators, Campus Recreational Center and Student Government Association.
  • Recruit coaches.

Vice President

  • Assist the president and serve as president in the absence of the president.
  • Deal with all of the tournament paperwork - especially NIRSA (the regional tournament and national tournament).
  • Help with recruiting, advertising, public relations, press.


  • Maintain the roster (with GT id#s).
  • Get people to sign the liability forms for Tech and tournaments.
  • Maintain the alumni / friend / sponsor database.
  • Set up a phone tree.


  • Prepare and maintain the budget.
  • Submit bills to SGA if needed.
  • Balance checkbook.
  • Collect dues and other money owed to the team.
  • Check the mail for bills, bank statements, etc.
  • Collect and turn in receipts for gas etc.
  • Sign and distribute checks .
  • Pay for tournaments, referees, fields, etc.
  • Make hotel reservations for our tournaments/away games and pay the bill.    


  • Try everything she can to make $.
  • Organize fundraising events - like handing out programs during basketball games, making t-shirts (sweatshirts, pants, soccer balls), finding sponsors, finding alumni who may want to sponsor us, organizing car washes, approaching people.
  • Finding $ any possible way.

Team members

EVERYONE WORKS TOGETHER to help one another.  Everyone on the team has a say, and is expected to let us know what we can do to make the club run smoothly and be more fun.  As an officer you're expected to be a good team role model.

Stuff in general to do:

  • Turn in roster with Georgia Tech id #s.
  • Maintain CRC liability forms and other CRC required procedures.
  • Prepare budget, present to SGA and defend.
  • Turn in receipts (gas etc).
  • Buy uniforms, balls, and other equipment.
  • Make t-shirts and other stuff to sell.
  • Make $$-AA stuff, functions.
  • Social stuff: events with the girls and mixers.
  • Phone tree.

Attending tournaments:

  • Make hotel reservations and pay the bill .
  • Turn in all forms before they are due (get EVERYONE to sign them, turn into registrar to check eligibility and for school seal, get club sport coordinator, April Goode, to sign,) TURN IN CHECK.
  • Coordinate drivers and who is coming to what.

Practice and game during the season

  • Prepare practice schedule and reserve practice fields.
  • Schedule games: get fields, get refs, (try to get free fields), get TEAMS to play.
  • Try to have officer's meetings once every couple weeks.
  • Look at equipment and see what needs to be replaced.
  • Reserve vans-get drivers for vans (sign them up).  


  • Prepare flyers, bulletins, posters, ads, sign-up sheets.
  • Attend FASET - "Man" a table, little flyers with contact info on them, sign up sheet.
  • Schedule team members for each FASET session.
  • Perform other recruiting and public relations activities.

Indoor season

  • Organize players and transportation.
  • Fill out forms and pay fees.


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The new Georgia Tech Womens Soccer Team site is now here. This site in an archive from 2001 - 2006.