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Memoirs and personal remembrances

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Index to "Crick"

The life and times of
Walter Linden Whichard
March, 1996

Handwriting of "Crick"

Chapter 1 - Introducing "Crick" and my family in Greenville

Chapter 2 - The Whichard ancestors I

Chapter 3 - The Whichard ancestors II

Chapter 4 - My grand-parents, their young children, and Greenville

Chapter 5 - Education at the turn of the century

Chapter 6 - Governor Aycock's reforms, my parents' schooling, around the neighborhood, and "Crick" gets his nickname

Chapter 7 - The East Carolina Teachers Training School gets started in Greenville

Chapter 8 - The Bridgers ancestors and my parents meet

Chapter 9 - WW I ends, my parents marry, I was born

Chapter 10 - "Crick" gets married and starts a family

Chapter 11 - The tobacco industry in Greenville

Chapter 12 - David Whichard marries Virginia Suther

Chapter 13 - Fishing

Chapter 14 - "The Roaring Twenties"

Chapter 15 - Crick's death and the end of an era

Postscript 1 - "Daily newspaper based on local family┬╣s tradition of journalism excellence"

Postscript 2 - "The owners of The Daily Reflector, and Cox Newspapers Inc. have reached an agreement for Cox to acquire The Daily Reflector and nine area community newspapers"

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