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Edie's Family

Chapter 7, Henry and Lucy (Reaves) Green

Because they overlap one with the other, it is difficult to present all the folk in all of these early generations  --  especially with cousins intermarrying.  The generations can become particularly confusing. 

We do, however, need to bring Henry Green and his wife Nancy into the mix.

Henry Green came to the Boiling Springs area along with George Hamrick III.  He was married to a Nancy Reaves on whose family we have no further information.

Considering the convolutions we've previously traced its probably just as well.

Anyway, several generations later their descendent, Thomas Green, would marry Susannah Bridges. 

She is of interest to us for reasons other than her familiar surname.  She and Thomas would have a daughter named Galena.

Galena would grow up to marry Elijah Bly Hamrick and together Galena Green and Elijah Bly Hamrick would one day be Edie's paternal grandparents.

The Green home in Boiling Springs where Galena was raised is just across the street and down the road from the Elijah Bly house  --  the house that Galena and her husband would later build diagonally across the street from the Hamrick's family store, C. J. Hamrick and Sons.  

This house would play a prominent role in Edie's future life.

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