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Edie's Family

Chapter 4, The Tale of the Two Georges

As I recall their name, one collateral branch of Edie's family --  quite far back  --  were called the Loughlins. 

An early branch of that family had a redheaded son named George.

At dusk one night, the parents sent George out to gather some wood.

When time passed and he didn't return they started a search and found evidence that the Indians had kidnapped young George.

Time passed they had another son.

Due to the poignant memory of their first son they named this second son George too.

This second George was a brunette.

A few years later hostilities broke out between the Indians and the settlers.

Much to the Loughlin's surprise, their first George was discovered and freed from his captivity with the Indians.

Now there were two sons named George.

The boys became known as "Red-headed George" and "Black-headed George."

Neither married and apparently they lived together in their later years  --  known to all by those sobriquets.

But, now, let us return to "The Great Wagon Road" and the travels of the other lines of Edie's family

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