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Edie's Family

Chapter 15, Afterword

I started writing this section of these family memoirs several decades after Edie and I were married.  Our children were all in place but far from grown.

The process began as Edie and I put together the scattered elements we had collected separately and had shared haphazardly but had never tried to fit those pieces into a whole.

However, when I searched recently for what I had previously written to send to my son, Carl, I found that during my move I had misplaced the manuscript somewhere between Connecticut and Georgia.

This rewriting was started in the summer of 2002 and it is a montage of my recollections of that first attempt along with bits of oral family lore I have learned from Edie's kinfolks since then plus some relevant insights from my own reading of general history.

Somehow it doesn't seem equal to that original effort, but  --  then again  --  who knows it may actually be better.  Whichever it is, its telling surely fits into our "shaggy dog" pattern.  

As for the years Edie and I would spend together as a peripatetic medical family they have been told in a series of vignettes which along with my years in the Navy are being assembled by my son Carl and each will constitute separate books in these chronicles.

The family's story goes on, but it is now turned over to the next generation to be continued for those who follow them and hopefully expanded to include their own stories.

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John D. Bridgers, M.D.
Alpharetta, Georgia
October 2, 2002

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