I've done a Flicker.com photoset showing damage and progress.
On May 21, 2008 the Recycle truck bowls over the grass without even trying. The garbage truck back once and is gone without any damage while saving time.
We've got grass and we've still got hasty garbage truck drivers.
Drilling the new electrical service line, the gas main mis-marked made for a bad day on the Circle. They broke it last year too when they replaced the water main. We made some measurements and took some pictures to help the next time.
Cheap, pretty, fast growing, I hope.

Good grief! Those things are heavy. But I've got a start. My friend Dan says the stones will tell me where they want to go but I must be stone deaf.


Thanks to the Janney's who did some great landscaping and had some granite rocks left over. So now I have a pile of rocks and not many clues about what to do with them.


I spoke with Charlotte Gillis today. We discussed using granite pavers as a cobblestone border on the inside of the curb.

We don't want to use boulders to block vehicles from jumping the curb. Instead, the border would be drivable if a little bumpy. It would prevent ruts and a permanent puddle and dirty street.