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This forum began on April 3, 2001


School webmasters' page

What's this all about?

School webmasters are a natural online community and we have the Internet to help us collaborate on our successes and failures around the world.  We should be able to share some ideas that will help our schools.

This page has two features:

1.  The discussion bulletin board / forum is in a question and answer format.  You post a question (it doesn't really have to be a question).  You post an answer (it doesn't really have to be an answer either.)  You can post in HTML if you want to include links.

If you want to be notified of new bulletin board postings, you can add an email alert.  An alert will also allow you to follow the discussions by email.   Click here to add an alert.

Some school networks filter out forums like these.  So you may have to visit the Webmasters' Forum from home.  You can find the discussion topics below.

Forum Admin page.

2.  Add a related link allows to you to post a link to your school site and other useful links that may be of interest to the school webmaster community.

Thanks to greenspun.com for the forum and link services.

Here are the forum topics as of November 4, 2001

  • Publishing student newspapers on the web
  • Summertime - what happens to your website during summer recess?
  • How can you coax overworked, web-shy teachers into taking advantage of the web?
  • Approvals - Who must approve your site content? How can we improve the process?
  • Filtering of forums like this one.
  • Calendars - Can the school calendar problem be solved? 
  • Alumni - how do you manage them on your site
  • Save $$$$$ 
  • Prize for Student Web Programmers - entries by May 15, 2001
  • How do you deal with Internet "Have-nots"
  • Does your school have internet/web classes? 
  • What are your most popular pages?
  • A suggestion... 
  • E-Chalk
  • If you could redesign your site how would you do it? 
  • How are your students involved in publishing your site?
  • What is your web publishing architecture?
  • What is your budget and where does it come from?
  • Restrictions on using student names and pictures? 
  • Downloading?
  • Web camera
  • Are there other forums for school webmasters?

Forum tips:

1. You can post HTML.  You can include links, tables, and lists.

2. Make sure to post a link to your school either in the forum or on the links page.  Folks want to see your websites.

3. Sign-up for an an email alert.  You can follow the forum by email.  You can remove your alert any time you like.

4.  If you make a big mistake on your post, I can delete it. Just email me.  Then you can repost.

5. If you'd  like to see the most recent postings at the top of the list, click on New Answers

Use Add  links to add your link and to see all the links.  As I get time I post the links the the table below.

Alaska Digital Learner Portfolios - .Sitka Welcome to Mt. Edgecumbe High School in Sitka, Alaska. Mt. Edgecumbe is a statewide boarding school with a student body representing over 150 Alaskan communities. Here you will find digital student portfolios and a host of other information about our learning community
Alaska Colony High School - Home of the Knights - Palmer

This link is dead, try this one

Welcome to the Home of the Knights. We reside in Palmer, Ak, with students from both Wasilla and Palmer. With an exceptional view of Hatchers Pass out of our front door, we are a school dedicated to the achievement and advancement of our students.
Alaska North Pole High School  -North Pole North Pole High School Alumni - Lists the Alumni by year and has reunion information. Plus offers free email and a message board.
Florida Links to Florida Schools   Links to Florida Schools  
Georgia WebChallenge Contest Site WebChallenge is an annual website building contest for Georgia High School students. Thousands of dollars in college scholarships are awarded.
Georgia Parkview High School, Lilburn, GA Parkview's web site has a multitude of informational pages relevant to the entire Parkview community.
Georgia North Springs High School - Sandy Springs Located in the heart of the Sandy Springs Community in Atlanta, Georgia, North Springs serves students throughout Fulton County by offering the only Arts and Sciences Magnet Program in Georgia as well as a very popular Majority to Minority (M to M) program.
Kentucky   Boyle County High School Website - Danville This is the official B.C.H.S. Website created and maintained by B.C.H.S. WebMaster Tim Shannon. Come and take a look at the school of back-to-back State Champions.
Kentucky Rockcastle County HIgh School Mt. Vernon Rockcastle County High School prides itself on approaching students as individuals and fostering student growth by offering a wide variety of educational opportunities. A strong emphasis on academics is reflected in the fact that Rockcastle County High School was a school in rewards for the 1996 - 97,1997 - 98, 1998-1999, 1999-2000 academic years.
Michigan Shepherd Public Schools - Shepherd Here is the home web site for Shepherd Schools, located in the Shepherd, Michigan.
The site is maintained by an alumnus of Shepherd High School and features a wide range of information about both
the school and the surrounding Village of Shepherd.
New Jersey Hackensack High School - Hackensack This is Hackensack High School in Hackensack, New Jersey. HHS is now a school of 1600 students (although it has been as large as 2700 students!). It servers Maywood, Rochelle Park, South Hackensack, Teteboro, and Hackensack.
New Jersey Warren County Technical School
Warren County Technical School is a comprehensive educational institution that strives to develop opportunities for vocational, technical, and academic achievement through the cooperation of students.
New Jersey Warren Web Works from Warren County Technical School
Warren Web Works is an educator made search engine that promotes safer searching for kids and teachers. This "search engine" is utilized by not only WCTS students, but also by teachers and worldwide community members who are interested in web design. Currently this resource is mainly used by students, educators, and web designers who need quality links for design, content, and information about web site creation. The site is maintained by A. P. Frank, the WCTS webmaster.
Ohio Mentor High School Mentor, Ohio Wow. Other than Grady OnLine of course, this is an amazing school site. I am impressed with the amount of information on the home page.
Ohio Oberlin City Schools, Oberlin, Ohio Homepage for the Oberlin City Schools, a small college-town district of 1,200 students.
Tennessee Web Pages for Tennessee Schools  
Tennessee Chuckey-Doak High School - Afton Chuckey-Doak High School is located in Afton, TN. The site features Chuckey- Doak Class Links which is a comprehensive listing of sites on the web in each subject matter area.
Tennessee Ooltewah High School----Ooltewah, TN Welcome to the Home of the Owls -- Ooltewah High School in Ooltewah,Tennessee. We are approximately 15 miles north of Chattanooga and reside in Hamilton County. Our website is produced by our website class (as of Fall 2001) and we welcome all visitors to our site.
Texas Texas Schools on the web  
Texas Cooper High School -- Abilene, Texas Cooper's Web site is functions as a learning project as well as an informational and instructional site for students, teachers, and parents.
Texas Jefferson Davis Senior High School - Houston - Davis is located in Houston, Texas, in the inner city, is a Project Grad school with a predominately Hispanic population of 1700. We have been teaching WebMastering for two years. Although most of the pages were originally created by myself, part of my curriculum is to assign pages to students to update or recreate. This year the addition of an online newspaper in conjunction with a journalism class provided more opportunities for web page creation. Landers5@houstonisd.org
Texas The Rice School/La Escuela Rice  Houston A Technology and Spanish Magnet School K - 8
Texas Shady Grove Christian Academy - SGCA  Grand Prairie, TX Shady Grove Christian Academy - SGCA desires to be a one-stop-information-shop to parents, students and the academic community at large. If you have links to relevant Christian or academic information we are interested.
Texas St. Andrew's Episcopal School Austin A college preparatory co-ed day school with grades 1-12.
Texas Web Mastering at Eisenhower High School - Houston Find out what goes on in the web design course at a large (2500+) urban school in Houston, Texas. This site shows the curriculum, student work, and resources used in the 90 minute classes that instruct a total of 150 students per year.
Texas Waltrip High School - Houston S. P. Waltrip High School is an inner city school located in the Northwest part of Houston Texas.
Virginia Princess Anne High School, Virginia Beach, VA This link is to the home page of Princess Anne High School, Virginia Beach, VA. This is a comprehensive site with content divided into three areas: Teaching, Information, Entertainment to form the acronym TIE. The goal of the site is to tie the Princess Anne community, composed of parents, students, alumni, and citizens of Virginia Beach to the school. The site features extensive use of school pictures and collages created in Paint Shop Pro. The use of student names is limited due to restrictions placed by Virginia Beach City Public schools.
Virginia George Mason Middle School and High School  - Falls Church We are located in Falls Church, Virginia, 6 miles from Washington D.C. We are two schools under one roof sharing resources - technology, library, auditorium, cafeteria & gym.
Misc Philip Greenspun's Free Services   Philip Greenspun provides six free services: Mailing lists, forums, and more. We've used LUSENET, the forum service for school sports reporters but you could easily use it for managing class assignments.

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