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****Prom date May 4, 2002 at Fulton County Atrium

****Grady's "Athlete of the Week" program is now online at: http://tk-jk.net/real_news.htm.  If you want get Grady sports reports by email, sign up for an "email alert" on that page or email me (Terry) at gradyproject@aol.com 

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Fri. Nov. 9

  • 9AM-2PM  Blood Drive@ New Gym Classroom
  • 5:15 Varsity Football vs Northgate @home

Sat. Nov. 10

  • 17th Annual Mercer University Mathematics Tournament to be held on Mercer University's campus. Team sponsors are: Mrs. Hudson and Mrs. Fayyad. For more information, contact the Math Department Chair.
  • 11am - 3pm Car Wash  Fund raiser for the Marching Band and Auxiliary Students Activities, supplies and field trip. @ Student Parking Lot

Mon. Nov. 12

  • 12:00 Counselor's Support Committee in Media Center
  • GHSGT Retest -seniors

Tue. Nov. 13

  • Foreign Language Week
  • 6:30 PTSA Board meeting
  • 7:30 Arts Showcase in the Theater
  • GHSGT Retest -seniors

Wed. Nov 14

  • Foreign Language Week
  • Deficiency Notices Issued
  • 12:00 CINS November Meeting
    CINS will host a discussion with Dr. Beverly Hall, APS Superintendent. The meeting will be held at Morningside Elementary School. Please join us for this important forum. For further information, contact Karen Carter, kwcarter943@msn.com or 404-872-6359.
  • GHSGT Retest -seniors

Thu. Nov 17

  • Foreign Language Week
  • GHSGT Retest -seniors

Fri.. Nov. 16

  • Foreign Language Week
  • 5:15 Varsity Football vs. Lamar Co. (region) @ home
  • Senior Knight recognition for Grady's senior athletes during halftime.
  • Carrollton Forensics Tournament

Sat. Nov. 17

  • Carrollton Forensics Tournament

Sun. Nov 18

  • Gospel performance in the theater.

Tue. Nov. 20

  • Thanksgiving Feast - American Studies Classes

Tues - Fri. Nov 21 - 25

  • Thanksgiving Holidays

**We know there are many more events that the Grady Community wants to know about. Please help us by sending event notices and calendars to calendar@gradyhighschool.org

** The Guidance Counselor's Support Committee of the PTSA  If you would like to serve on this committee, or learn more about it, please call Jane Martin at 404/874-0989 or email jhartzogmartin@hotmail.com

Terry Kearns

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