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*Corrected basketball schedules are at the bottom of this page.

*A weekly update on happenings at Grady High School provided to you by the PTSA.  Tell your friends about GradyGrams.  Email me (Terry) at gradyproject@aol.com and I will sign up for you.

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Announcements *****************

***Advanced Placement (AP) applications for next school (2004 - 2005) due to subject department heads by Monday Dec 15. For further information regarding AP courses see student's counselor or Mr. McCurdy.

The Advanced Placement Guidelines on on the web:

***Textbook Review - APS will select new textbooks for certain courses.  Parent volunteers needed to review proposed English text books for APS adoption. See Ms. Kelly at 404-853-4000 ext. 214  You may see the proposed books in the conference room next to Room 103 until December 16.

***Alcohol and Drug Awareness Course (ADAP) ADAP is required for 16 year olds when applying for their driver's license. This course will be offered at Grady High School on the following dates: Course dates are December 6th at 1:00
December 13th at 2:30  The ADAP course will be held in one of classroom's in the main building. You must attend both sessions. Your ADAP certificate will be available 6 to 8 weeks after the completion of the course. It will be held on file by the registrar.

To sign up for this course use the sign up sheet posted on Ms.Grimes' door in the counselor's office or sign up on the sheet posted on the counter in the main office.

**** Have your visited the Grady web-site recently?
Go to www.gradyhighschool.org

Calendar **************************

Friday, December 5

  • Yearbook business and senior ad deadline
  • 7:00 Varsity Basketball @Holy Innocents

Saturday, December 6

  • SAT's
  • 1:00 Alcohol and Drug Awareness Course @Grady
  • 10:00 JV Basketball  vs 5:00South Atlanta @Grady
  • 2:30 Varsity Basketball @Southside

Sunday, December 7

Monday, December 8

Tuesday, December 9

  • Winder Holliday Assembly
  • 5:30 Varsity Basketball vs Blessed Trinity @Blessed Trinity
  • 6:00 PTSA Board Meeting @Media Center
  • 7:00 PTSA Winter Concert Series - Band, Orchestra, Gospel choir and Chorus

Wednesday, December10

  • 5:00 JV Basketball vs Carver @Home (boys play first)

Thursday, December 11

  • Academic Fair

Friday, December 12

  • 5:30 Varsity Basketball vs Decatur @Decatur
  • State University of West Georgia Debate Tournament

Saturday, December 13

  • ACT tests
  • 2:30 Alcohol and Drug Awareness Course @Grady
  • 5:00 JV Basketball vs Washington* division game
  • 5:30 Varsity Basketball vs Crim @Grady
  • State University of West Georgia Debate Tournament

Sunday, December 14

Monday, December 15

  • Fifth period exam
  • Advanced Placement (AP) applications for next school (2004 - 2005) due
  • 5:00 JV Basketball vs  Crim division game

Tuesday, December 16

  • Fifth period exam
  • 6:00 p.m. Grady Building/Renovation Project Update community meeting, @Theater

Wednesday, December 17

  • First and fourth period exams

Thursday, December 18

  • Second and seventh period exams

Friday, December 19

Saturday, December 20

Monday, December 22

  • SAT registration deadline for 1-24-03 tests.

December 20 - January 6

  • No school (teacher planning day on January 5.
  • Atlanta Public School Basketball Tournament TBA

Terry Kearns

Varsity Basketball Schedule 2003 - 004

-Nov 18 Pace @Grady 6:00
-Nov 21 Union Grove @Union Grove 6:00
-Nov 22 Lovett @Lovett 2:30
-Dec 2 Carver @Grady 5:30
-Dec 5 Holy Innocent @Holy Innocent 7:00
-Dec 6 Southside @Southside 2:30
-Dec 9 Blessed Trinity @Blessed Trinity 5:30
-Dec 12 Decatur @Decatur 5:30
-Dec 13 Crim @Grady 5:30
-Atlanta Public School Tournament TBA
-Jan 6 Southside @Grady 5:30
-Jan 9 Union Grove @Grady 6:00
-Jan 10 Paideia @Paideia 6:00
-Jan13 Carver @Carver 5:30
-Jan 16 Holy Innocent @Grady 5:30
-Jan 20 Blessed Trinity @Grady 6:00
-Jan 23 Decatur @Grady 5:30
-Jan 27 Pace @Pace 6:00
-Jan 30 Luella @Luella 7:00
-Feb 3 Crim @Crim 5:30
-Feb 7 Paideia @Grady TBA

JV Basketball Schedule 2003 - 2004

-Nov 19 Mays (boys play first) 5:00
-Nov 22 North Atlanta 10:00 division game
-Nov 24 Carver (boys play first) 5:00
-Dec 3 Southside 5:00
-Dec 6 South Atlanta 10:00
-Dec 10 Carver (boys play first) 5:00
-Dec 13 Washington* 5:00 division game
-Dec 15 Crim 5:00 division game
-Jan 7 Douglass 5:00 division game
-Jan 10 At Southside 10:00
-Jan 14 At North Atlanta 5:00 division game
-Jan 17 At Washington 10:00 division game
-Jan 21 At Crim 5:00 division game
-Jan 24 Douglass (boys play first)* 10:00 division game

  For future *GradyGrams

Booster News

As there was not a Homecoming Dance the PTSA will be sponsoring a Grady Dance in the "new" old gym Fri., Jan 30 from 7:30 to 10:00.  We need help!.
We need 1) A committe to decorate the gym, 2) Plan and Set up Refreshment
Please contact Sue Hannah at suehannah73@peoplepc.com

1st Thursday of every month -- band parent meeting 6 pm Media Center

Prom - May 7, 2004 at the Trolley Barn in Underground Atlanta