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Announcements *****************

***Advanced Placement application deadline is 12-15-03.

Attention: RISING juniors and seniors (present sophomore and junior classes)

Advanced Placement Statements of Interest (application) forms are due on December 15th. The Advanced Placement Guide with more details is available to you in the counselors' office, the main office and from Mr. Mc Curdy. Applications for AP classes are available beginning the week of November 24th.

The following teachers will help you with the AP application process:

--English - Ms. Kelley
--Foreign Language Ms. Simmons
--Mathematics - Ms. Davis
--Science - Ms. Young
--Social Studies - Mr. Sartor
--Art and Music - Mr. Brandhorst

If you are not accepted and want to appeal the decision that there is an appeal process.

***Alcohol and Drug Awareness Course (ADAP) ADAP is required for 16 year olds when applying for their driver's license. This course will be offered at Grady High School on the following dates: Course dates are December 6th at 1:00
December 13th at 2:30  The ADAP course will be held in one of classroom's in the main building. You must attend both sessions. Your ADAP certificate will be available 6 to 8 weeks after the completion of the course. It will be held on file by the registrar.

To sign up for this course use the sign up sheet posted on Ms.Grimes' door in the counselor's office or sign up on the sheet posted on the counter in the main office.

Don't miss your chance to take this course at Grady...IT IS REQUIRED TO GET YOUR DRIVER'S LICENSE.

**** Have your visited the Grady web-site recently?
Go to www.gradyhighschool.org

Terry Kearns

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Booster News

Advanced Placement application deadline is 12-15-03.

As there was not a Homecoming Dance the PTSA will be sponsoring a Grady Dance in the "new" old gym Fri., Jan 30 from 7:30 to 10:00.  We need help!.
We need 1) A committee to decorate the gym, 2) Plan and Set up Refreshment
Please contact Sue Hannah at suehannah73@peoplepc.com

On December 4th and 5th the Latin students will be taking a field trip to the Westminster Retirement Home and to Inman Middle School to sing Holiday Songs

1st Thursday of every month -- band parent meeting 6 pm Media Center

Prom - May 7, 2004 at the Trolley Barn in Underground Atlanta