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April 29, 2004

Dear Junior and Senior Parent(s):

The Junior Senior Prom is an event sponsored by the Junior Class. This event is scheduled for Friday, May 7, 2004, at the Georgia Depot. Teachers attend the prom, and the event is chaperoned by the administration, junior and senior homeroom teachers. Additional security is provided by our police officers. Our expectation is that students will behave responsibly which includes no drinking, no use of drugs, or participation in any other inappropriate behavior before or during the prom. Also, we hope that our students obey all traffic laws to and from the prom, and we also hope that you support our efforts by communicating to your children your own expectations of them.

Parents, please remember that once the prom is over, the staff’s responsibility ends. After-prom parties are not sanctioned, endorsed or monitored by Grady High School personnel. If you grant permission for your children to attend any after-prom activities, that will be your choice and your responsibility.

Any student who has any disciplinary actions pending will not be allowed to attend the prom. If applicable, be sure that your child has served any assigned after school detention, Saturday work detention and cleared any mandatory conference before May 7, 2004.

Students are encouraged to wear proper attire for this event. Students dressed inappropriately for this occasion will not be admitted to the prom.

We want the prom to be a safe and enjoyable occasion for our students and we expect your support in setting appropriate limits and expectations for your child/children.


Vincent D. Murray,

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