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*There is a list of summer educational programs, and at the end of this e-mail.

*Soccer, Track Baseball and Tennis schedules are at end of the calendar.

***Grady Grey Knights Varsity Baseball team came in 1st place in the APS Championship Tournament on Saturday, March 20, beating Benjamin Mays.Congratulations to Coach Millen and the Grady Varsity Baseball Team.

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Announcements *****************

***PARKING LOT HELP NEEDED FOR DOGWOOD FESTIVAL Either Sat. or Sun., April 3rd & 4th at the 10th Street lot.  Even if you can only spend an hour, please come help. The lot will be open from 9-5 both days. Thank you. (Don't forget students can earn volunteer hours for helping) Contact Joe at 404-885-1071

***PLEASE ATTEND the PTSA General meeting on April 13th at 7:00pm for the election of officers for 2004-05 school year.

Grady PTSA Executive Board (current bylaws): President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. The election will take place at the April general PTSA meeting scheduled for Tuesday, April 13, 2004 at 7 PM.

***End of Course Testing and Advanced Placement Testing dates are the the bottom of this e-mail.

***Princeton Review has a new website featuring its latest study guides/aids for the new SAT. It's really an informative and fun site, and I think those students deciding how to prepare for the SAT would find it useful. The site is:

It requires Flash Player, and can take up to 4 minutes to download on dial-up modems; however, it's worth the wait.

***Advanced Placement Exams will be given the weeks of May 3 and May 10,  2004. AP studentst have received a calendar of dates and list of fees required to take the exams. Registration and fees are due March 29 to Ms. Ross in the school office. Contact Mr. McCurdy at McCurdy@gradyhighschool.org or 404-853-4000 ext 328 or Mrs. Grimes at cgrimes@atlanta.k12.ga.us 404-853 4000 ext 216 for more information.

Discount cards are available from Coach Millen, baseball and football players for $10. The money raised supports these atheletic programs at Grady. The cards are good thru October 2004 and include significant discounts at neighboring businesses; Jersy Mike's, Caribou Coffee, Dominoe's, Wolf Camera, Subway, Sig Samuels, Church's Chicken, Burger King, Moe's and Joe's, Popeye's, Zesto and several other establishments.

**** Have your visited the Grady web-site recently?
Go to www.gradyhighschool.org

Calendar **************************

Friday, April 2

  • Woodward Academy Debates
  • 4:30 Boys Varsity Soccer vs Southside @ Grady
  • 5:00 Girls Varsity Soccer @ Whitefield

Saturday, April 3

  • ACT Test
  • All day Varsity Track  Rome Relays
  • Woodward Academy Debates

Sunday, April. 4 to Sunday April 11

  • Spring Break

Monday April 12

  • Return to school - First day of fourth quarter
  • 5 pm Girls Varsity Soccer vs Our Lady of Mercy @ Grady

Tuesday, April 13

  • 5 pm Varsity Track APS  @ Lakewood
  • 5 pm Varsity Baseball @ Therrell 
  • 5 pm Boys Varsity Soccer vs Greater Atlanta Christian @ GAC  (DH)
  • 7 pm Girls Varsity Soccer vs Greater Atlanta Christian @ GAC (DH)
  • 7 pm PTSA General meeting. Election of officers for 2004-05 school year @ Theater

Wednesday, April 14

  • 5 pm Boys Varsity Soccer vs Decatur @ Decatur (DH)
  • 7 pm Girls Varsity Soccer vs Decatur @ Decatur (DH)

Thursday, April 15

  • 4:00 pm Varsity Tennis vs Decatur  @ Piedmont

Friday, April 16

  • 5 pm Varsity Baseball Crim (V) Kennedy (Old Price) Middle School
  • 5 pm Girls Varsity Soccer  vs Landmark @ Grady (DH)
  • 7 pm  Boys Varsity Soccer vs Landmark @ Grady (DH)
  • 8 pm First Annual Grady Fashion Show @ Theater $5

Saturday, April 17

Sunday, April 18

Terry Kearns

--Feb 26 vs Our Lady of Mercy @ Grady 5 pm (DH)
--Feb 27 vs Paideia @ Paideia 5 pm
--Mar 2 vs Mt. Paran @ Grady 5 pm
--Mar 4 vs Wesleyan @ Wesleyan 4:30 pm (DH)
--Mar 10 vs North Atlanta @ North Atlanta 5 pm
--Mar 11 vs Mohammed @ Grady 4:30 pm (DH)
--Mar 16 vs Atlanta International School @ AIS 6:30 pm
--Mar 17 vs Holy Innocents' @ Grady 7 pm
--Mar 19 vs Walker @ Grady 4:30 pm (DH)
--Mar 23 vs Pace @ Pace 5 pm
--Mar 25 vs Riverwood @ Grady 5 pm
--Mar 26 Paideia @ Paideia 4:45 pm
--Mar 31 Galloway @ Galloway 5 pm
--Apr 2 vs Whitefield @ Whitefield 5 pm
--Apr 12 Our Lady of Mercy @ Grady 5 pm
--Apr 13 vs Greater Atlanta Christian @ GAC 7 pm (DH)
--Apr 14 vs Decatur @ Decatur 7 pm (DH)
--Apr 16 vs Landmark @ Grady 5 pm (DH)
-TBA Area Playoffs @ TBA TBA

--Feb 14 vs NAHS Jamboree @ North Atlanta H.S. 9 - 1 pm
--Feb 18 vs Tournament - North Cobb @ Osborn 5 pm
--Feb 19 vs Tournament - Etowah @ Osborn 5 pm
--Feb 20 vs Tournament - Placing Game @ Osborn 5 pm
--Feb 24 vs North Atlanta @ North Atlanta H.S. 5 pm
--Feb 26 vs Our Lady of Mercy @ Grady 7 pm (DH)
--Mar 4 vs Wesleyan @ Wesleyan 6:30 pm (DH)
--Mar 11 vs Mohammed @ Grady 6:30 pm (DH)
--Mar 19 vs Walker @ Grady 6:30 pm (DH)
--Mar 23 vs Therrell @ Grady 4:30 pm
--Mar 25 vs Whitefield @ Whitefield 6:30 pm
--Mar 30 vs Douglass @ Grady 5 pm
--Apr 2 vs Southside @ Grady 4:30 pm
--Apr 13 vs Greater Atlanta Christian @ GAC 5 pm (DH)
--Apr 14 vs Decatur @ Decatur 5 pm (DH)
--Apr 16 vs Landmark @ Grady 7 pm (DH)
--Apr 20 vs Region Tournament @ TBA TBA
--Apr 21 vs Raindate
--Apr 23 vs Region Championship @ TBA TBA
--Apr 24 vs Raindate

Jamboree on Sat., Feb. 14 does not count toward the season record. Games are 30 minutes each in a round robin sch. With NAHS, Tri-Cities, and Southside H.S.

DH - Double header with girl's and boy's varsity teams. Girls play first, except 4/13/04 against GAC.

--Feb. 18, Wed. vs  Therrell  Piedmont, 5:00
--Feb. 19, Thurs. vs Decatur Glenlake, 4:30
--Feb. 25, Wed. vs Paideia Piedmont, 4:00 (rained out)
--Mar 2, Tues. vs Holy Innocents Piedmont Park, 4:00
--Mar 10 Wed. vs Paideia @Piedmont Park, 4:00
--Mar 12 Fri. @Mays time TBD
--Mar 16, Tues. vs Union Grove Piedmont Park, 4:00
--Mar 18, Thurs. Boys  vs Blessed Trinity  @ Blessed Trinity 4:30
--Mar 18, Thurs. Girls vs Blessed Trinity @Piedmont
--Mar 23, Tues. vs Banneker Banneker, 4:30
--Mar 25 Thurs. vs Mays @Piedmont Park 4:30
--Mar 30, Tues. vs S. Atlanta Piedmont, 5:00
--Mar 31, Wed. vs Paideia Piedmont
--Apr 1, Thurs. vs Pace Pace, 4:30
(Spring Break, April 5-9)
--Apr 15, Thurs. vs Decatur  Piedmont, 4:00

The 5AA regional tournament will begin on April 20. Specific times and locations will be announced after regular season region play is completed. The top 2 teams will go to the state tournament.

Coaches: Malcolm Greene, Scott Stephens

--Mar 02 @ Washington 4:30p
--Mar 04 Crim 4:30p
--Mar 06 Douglass 11:30
--Mar 11 @ N. Atl 4:30p
--Mar 13 APS Championship TBA
--Mar 17 Crim 4:30p
--Mar 19 Carver (V) 4:30p
--Mar 22 @Union Grove 5:00p
--Mar 24 @Paideia 4:30p
--Mar 26 Blessed Trinity 4:30p
--Mar 27 Therrell 12:00 noon
--Mar 29 Holy Innocents 4:30p
--Mar 31 Pace Academy 4:30p
--Apr 01 @Decatur 4:30p
--Apr 13 @Therrell 5:00p
--Apr 16 Crim (V) 5:00p
--Apr 19 Carver 5:00p
--Apr 21 Union Grove 5:00p
--Apr 23 Paideia 5:00p
--Apr 26 @Blessed Trinity 5:00p
--Apr 28 @Holy Innocents 5:00p
--Apr 30 @Pace Academy 5:00p
--May 03 Decatur 5:00p

**All games Home games are played at the now Kennedy (Old Price) Middle School*** If you have any questions please call (404) 312-4852 Angela Floyd, Athletic Booster


--Mar 3 APS - Lakewood, 5:00
--Mar 16 APS - Lakewood, 5:00
--Mar 20 Morrow Invitational, All day
--Mar 23 APS - Lakewood, 5:00
--Mar 30-Apr 1 - Atlanta Track Classic, Lakewood, 5:00 each day
--Apr 3 - Rome Relays, All day
--Apr 13 APS - Lakewood, 5:00
Apr 22 APS - Lakewood, 5:00
--Apr 27,28 - Region 5AA championships - Lakewood, 4:00 (Girls)
--May 3,4 - Region 5AA - Lakewood (boys)
--May 6-8 State Meet, Albany, GA, All day (girls)
--May 13-15 State Meet, Jefferson, GA (boys)

Applications are now being accepted for the following summer educational programs:

  • FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY SUMMER MUSIC CAMPS - See www.music.fsu.edu for information and audition forms; click on "Our Community" then "Summer Camps."
  • CARNEGIE MELLON offers summer programs in Architecture, Art, Design, Drama, and Music. See Mrs. Grimes for information or visit www.cmu.edu/enrollment/pre-college. Application deadline is May 1, 2004.
  • BROWN UNIVERSITY Pre-College Summer Programs. Visit www.brown.edu/summer for information and applications.
  • UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA: Visit www.usc.edu/summer.

***Henry W. Grady High School
Revised dates for End of Course Testing

Please note the following dates for End of Course Testing EOCT on your planning calendar. There are substantial changes from the initial dates we were given in the Fall.

Monday, April 26

  • American Literature EOCT

Tuesday, April 27

  • US History E OCT

Wednesday, April 28

  • Dream Jamboree NO TESTING

Thursday, April 29

  • Dream Jamboree - NO TESTING

Friday, April 30

  • Economics E OCT

Monday, May 3

  • Biology E OCT

Tuesday, May 4

  • Geometry E OCT

Wednesday, May 5

  • Algebra I E OCT

Thursday, May 6

  • Physical Science E OCT

Friday, May 7

  • 9th Lit and Comp. E OCT

Monday, May 10

  • Make-up testing E OCT

Tuesday, May 11

  • Make-up testing E OCT

***Other test dates include AP and REP tests, as previously scheduled. As a reminder, they are listed below:

AP Exam schedule:

Tues., May 4th

  • 9:00 a.m. AP Statistics Exam

Wed., May 5th

  • 9:00 a.m. AP Calculus AB Exam
  • 12:00 noon AP Music Theory
  • 12:00 noon AP World History Exam 

Thurs., May 6th

  • 9:00 a.m. AP English Exam
  • 12:00 noon AP French Literature Exam

Fri., May 7th

  • 9:00 a.m AP U.S. History
  • 9:00 a.m AP Studio Art Exam (Portfolios due)

Mon., May 10th

  • 9:00 a.m. AP Biology Exam
  • 12:00 p.m. AP Physics Exam

Thurs., May 13th

  • 9:00 a.m. AP Macroeconomics
  • 12:00 noon AP Microeconomics

    Fri., May 14th
  • 9:00 a.m. AP Spanish Literature 
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Booster News

1st Thursday of every month -- band parent meeting 6 pm Media Center

April 20: Orchestra Concert, 7:00 p.m.  in theater-- a joint
Inman/Grady celebration!

April 29, 30 & May 1 Spring Drama Production 8pm Theater $5

Prom - May 7, 2004 at the Trolley Barn in Underground Atlanta

The Health Career Academy is planning a Health Fair for May 14 and we would like for you to post it on the GradyGram for us. Time and exact location TBA. Will let you know when we get more information!