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*There is a list of summer educational programs, and Summer Employment Opportunities at the end of this e-mail.

*Soccer, and Tennis schedules are at end of the calendar.

*A weekly update on happenings at Grady High School provided to you by the PTSA.  Tell your friends about GradyGrams.  Email me (Terry) at gradyproject@aol.com and I will sign up for you.

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Announcements *****************

***Proctors needed for the Georgia Graduation Test Volunteers are needed to proctor the Georgia Graduation Test. Testing is scheduled for March 22-26 from 8:45 until 11:30 and will be held on the Grady campus. Junior parents are not allowed to proctor for this test. If you would like to volunteer for any or all of the 5 testing days, please contact at nellmorgan@comcast.net or call 404-892-8661.

***ATTENTION 11TH AND 12TH GRADERS TAKING THE MARCH 27 SAT: The SAT Committee will provide special SAT preparation prior to the March 27 test date. On Thursday, March 18, from 3:45-4:45PM, Mr. Phillips will teach test-taking strategies in his classroom. Students interested in attending may sign up with Mr. Phillips or just show up.

A practice SAT will be given on Saturday, March 20, from 8:00AM-12:00PM at Grady. Cost of participation will be approximately $20.00, to cover the cost of the testing materials. The test will be administered and timed exactly like the test the students will take on the 27th.

Students who are interested should sign up in the Counselors' Office.

***Princeton Review SAT prep course starting Feb 28, has only two openings available. The course meets on Saturday - 9-12, Tuesday and Thursday 4-7, for four weeks thru March 25 and prepares students for March 27 SAT test. Grady discount price is $400, the course usually $800-$1,000. Please call Diane Terrell 404-892-0072 to sign-up.

Discount cards are available from Coach Millen, baseball and football players for $10. The money raised supports these atheletic programs at Grady. The cards are good thru October 2004 and include significant discounts at neighboring businesses; Jersy Mike's, Caribou Coffee, Dominoe's, Wolf Camera, Subway, Sig Samuels, Church's Chicken, Burger King, Moe's and Joe's, Popeye's, Zesto and several other establishments.

***Draft of New State Curriculum Available Online for Public Comment. See the documents at

New Atlanta Public School Board Report are designed to provide Atlanta Public Schools' parents, employees, and community members with a clear, concise, easy-to-read document that details the decisions and rulings  of the Atlanta Board of Education. Please look for The Board Report each month on the Thursday following the Board's legislative meeting. Find it here:

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Go to www.gradyhighschool.org

Calendar **************************

Friday, March 5

  • Mid-terms
  • Matinee - Black History Program
  • 7:00pm Black History Program

Saturday, March 6

  • 11:30 Varsity Baseball @Kennedy (Old Price) Middle School

Sunday, March 7

Monday, March 8

  • Teacher Planning Day - no school

Tuesday, March 9

  • Teacher Planning Day - no school

Wednesday, March 10

  • 8:45 am Counselors Support Committee @Media Center
  • 4:00 Auditions for Spring Production @Theater
  • 4:00 Varsity Tennis vs Paideia @Piedmont Park (rain make-up for 2-25 match)
  • 5 pm Girls Varsity Soccer vs North Atlanta @ North Atlanta
  • GMEA Band Festival

Thursday, March 11

  • 12:00 Georgia Music Festival Milton High School
  • 4:00 Auditions for Spring Production @Theater
  • 4:30 Varsity Baseball @ North Atlanta
  • 4:30 pm Girls Varsity Soccer vs Mohammed @ Grady  (DH)
  • 6:30 Boys Varsity Soccer vs Mohammed @ Grady (DH)

Friday, March 12

  • Varsity Tennis @Mays time TBD
  • ACT Late Registration deadline for April 3 test
  • Region Literary Tournament

Saturday, March 13

  • Varsity Baseball Atlanta Public Schools Championship TBA

Sunday, March 14

Monday, March 15

  • Callback for Spring Production

Tuesday, March 16

  • 4:00 Varsity Tennis vs Union Grove @Piedmont Park
  • 6:00 PTSA Board Meeting @Media Center
  • 6:30 pm Girls Varsity Soccer @Atlanta International School
  • 7:00 PTSA General Meeting @Theater

Wednesday, March 17

  • Mid-term report cards
  • 4:30 Varsity Baseball vs Crim 4:30p @Kennedy (Old Price) Middle School
  • 7pm, Girls Varsity Soccer vs Holy Innocents' @Grady

Thursday, March 18

  • 4:30 Boys Varsity Tennis  vs Blessed Trinity  @ Blessed Trinity
  • Girls Varsity Tennis vs Blessed Trinity @Piedmont

Friday, March 19

  • 4:30 Varsity Baseball Carver (V) 4:30 @Kennedy (Old Price) Middle School
  • 4:30 Girls Varsity Soccer vs Walker @ Grady (DH)
  • 6:30 Boys Varsity Soccer vs Walker @ Grady (DH)

Saturday, March 20

Sunday, March 21

Terry Kearns

--Feb 26 vs Our Lady of Mercy @ Grady 5 pm (DH)
--Feb 27 vs Paideia @ Paideia 5 pm
--Mar 2 vs Mt. Paran @ Grady 5 pm
--Mar 4 vs Wesleyan @ Wesleyan 4:30 pm (DH)
--Mar 10 vs North Atlanta @ North Atlanta 5 pm
--Mar 11 vs Mohammed @ Grady 4:30 pm (DH)
--Mar 16 vs Atlanta International School @ AIS 6:30 pm
--Mar 17 vs Holy Innocents' @ Grady 7 pm
--Mar 19 vs Walker @ Grady 4:30 pm (DH)
--Mar 23 vs Pace @ Pace 5 pm
--Mar 25 vs Riverwood @ Grady 5 pm
--Mar 26 vs Galloway @ Galloway 5 pm
--Apr 2 vs Whitefield @ Whitefield 5 pm
--Apr 13 vs Greater Atlanta Christian @ GAC 7 pm (DH)
--Apr 14 vs Decatur @ Decatur 5 pm (DH)
--Apr 16 vs Landmark @ Grady 5 pm (DH)
-TBA Area Playoffs @ TBA TBA

--Feb 14 vs NAHS Jamboree @ North Atlanta H.S. 9 - 1 pm
--Feb 18 vs Tournament - North Cobb @ Osborn 5 pm
--Feb 19 vs Tournament - Etowah @ Osborn 5 pm
--Feb 20 vs Tournament - Placing Game @ Osborn 5 pm
--Feb 24 vs North Atlanta @ North Atlanta H.S. 5 pm
--Feb 26 vs Our Lady of Mercy @ Grady 7 pm (DH)
--Mar 4 vs Wesleyan @ Wesleyan 6:30 pm (DH)
--Mar 11 vs Mohammed @ Grady 6:30 pm (DH)
--Mar 19 vs Walker @ Grady 6:30 pm (DH)
--Mar 23 vs Therrell @ Grady 4:30 pm
--Mar 25 vs Whitefield @ Whitefield 6:30 pm
--Mar 30 vs Douglass @ Grady 5 pm
--Apr 2 vs Southside @ Grady 4:30 pm
--Apr 13 vs Greater Atlanta Christian @ GAC 5 pm (DH)
--Apr 14 vs Decatur @ Decatur 7 pm (DH)
--Apr 16 vs Landmark @ Grady 7 pm (DH)
--Apr 20 vs Region Tournament @ TBA TBA
--Apr 21 vs Raindate
--Apr 23 vs Region Championship @ TBA TBA
--Apr 24 vs Raindate

Jamboree on Sat., Feb. 14 does not count toward the season record. Games are 30 minutes each in a round robin sch. With NAHS, Tri-Cities, and Southside H.S.

DH - Double header with girl's and boy's varsity teams. Girls play first, except 4/13/04 against GAC.

--Feb. 18, Wed. vs  Therrell  Piedmont, 5:00
--Feb. 19, Thurs. vs Decatur Glenlake, 4:30
--Feb. 25, Wed. vs Paideia Piedmont, 4:00 (rained out)
--Mar 2, Tues. vs Holy Innocents Piedmont Park, 4:00
--Mar 10 Wed. vs Paideia @Piedmont Park, 4:00
--Mar 12 Fri. @Mays time TBD
--Mar 16, Tues. vs Union Grove Piedmont Park, 4:00
--Mar 18, Thurs. Boys  vs Blessed Trinity  @ Blessed Trinity 4:30
--Mar 18, Thurs. Girls vs Blessed Trinity @Piedmont
--Mar 23, Tues. vs Banneker Banneker, 4:30
--Mar 25 Thurs. vs Mays @Piedmont Park 4:30
--Mar 30, Tues. vs S. Atlanta Piedmont, 5:00
--Mar 31, Wed. vs Paideia Piedmont
--Apr 1, Thurs. vs Pace Pace, 4:30
(Spring Break, April 5-9)
--Apr 15, Thurs. vs Decatur  Piedmont, 4:00

The 5AA regional tournament will begin on April 20. Specific times and locations will be announced after regular season region play is completed. The top 2 teams will go to the state tournament.

Coaches: Malcolm Greene, Scott Stephens

--Mar 02 @ Washington 4:30p
--Mar 04 Crim 4:30p
--Mar 06 Douglass 11:30
--Mar 11 @ N. Atl 4:30p
--Mar 13 APS Championship TBA
--Mar 17 Crim 4:30p
--Mar 19 Carver (V) 4:30p
--Mar 22 @Union Grove 5:00p
--Mar 24 @Paideia 4:30p
--Mar 26 Blessed Trinity 4:30p
--Mar 27 Therrell 12:00 noon
--Mar 29 Holy Innocents 4:30p
--Mar 31 Pace Academy 4:30p
--Apr 01 @Decatur 4:30p
--Apr 13 @Therrell 5:00p
--Apr 16 Crim (V) 5:00p
--Apr 19 Carver 5:00p
--Apr 21 Union Grove 5:00p
--Apr 23 Paideia 5:00p
--Apr 26 @Blessed Trinity 5:00p
--Apr 28 @Holy Innocents 5:00p
--Apr 30 @Pace Academy 5:00p
--May 03 Decatur 5:00p

**All games Home games are played at the now Kennedy (Old Price) Middle School*** If you have any questions please call (404) 312-4852 Angela Floyd, Athletic Booster


Applications are now being accepted for the following summer educational programs:

  • SMSEA (Spelman College): Summer Math and Science Enrichment Academy. Rising 10th, 11th and 12th grade students who have a total GPA of 80 and an average of 85 in the area of application (math or science). Two rising 12th graders may participate in the Language Arts component if they meet the GPA requirements. Two teacher recommendations are required. Application packets are available from Mrs. Carter and Mrs. Grimes in the Counseling Office. Deadline for returning completed packets to the Counselors is Wednesday, Feb. 25, 2004. SMSEA is FREE and one unit of credit will be earned for successful participation. Dates: June 1- July 8, 2004, 7:30AM-2:15PM.
  • ATLANTA SUMMER SCHOLARS (Westminster): FREE program for rising 10th and 11th grade students who have an 80+ GPA. Participants choose between studies in Humanities and Math/Science programs. The program also includes writing lab for AP and college essays, SAT preparation, local field trips and a Southeastern college trip. Marta tokens are provided if needed as well as transportation to/from a designated Marta station to the campus. Dates are June 16-July 16, 2004 from 8:30AM- 3:10PM. Applications are available from Mrs. Carter and Mrs. Grimes in the Counseling Center. Final application deadline is March 29, 2004.
  • GEORGIA TECH PREP (Pre-College Engineering Program, June 14-24, 2004) and MITE (Minority Introduction to Technology and Engineering, July 6-16, 2004), and PREP-PLUS July 21-30, 2004). These programs are for rising 11th and 12th graders who excel in Math and Science. The programs are FREE. For more information and applications, visit www.coe.gatech.edu/omsp. Application deadline is March 12, 2004.
  • DUKE TIP SUMMER STUDY PROGRAMS - for grades 9-12. See Mrs. Grimes. Final application deadline is March 19, 2004.
  • FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY SUMMER MUSIC CAMPS - See www.music.fsu.edu for information and audition forms; click on "Our Community" then "Summer Camps."
  • CARNEGIE MELLON offers summer programs in Architecture, Art, Design, Drama, and Music. See Mrs. Grimes for information or visit www.cmu.edu/enrollment/pre-college. Application deadline is May 1, 2004.
  • BROWN UNIVERSITY Pre-College Summer Programs. Visit www.brown.edu/summer for information and applications.
  • UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA: Visit www.usc.edu/summer.

Summer Employment Opportunities

Y.E.S. TO JOBS - A program offering 8-10 weeks of full-time summer employment in the entertainment industry. To be eligible, students must be current 11th or 12th graders, minority, have a minimum 80.0 GPA, have attended school 90% or better, and have an interest in music, media or business. Applications may be obtained from Mrs. Grimes and Mr. Arnold. Postmark deadline for applications is March 15, 2004.

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1st Thursday of every month -- band parent meeting 6 pm Media Center

Prom - May 7, 2004 at the Trolley Barn in Underground Atlanta