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*A weekly update on happenings at Grady High School provided to you by the PTSA.  Tell your friends about GradyGrams.  Email me (Terry) at gradyproject@aol.com and I will sign up for you.

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Announcements *****************

The Varsity and Junior Varsity Basketball Schedules are at the bottom of this page.

***In case you have not heard, Grady has a new Chorus teacher! Mr. Kevin Hill comes to Grady from Georgia State University where he is completing a masters degree in Choral Conducting. He is an experienced teacher and is dedicated to building a WORLD CLASS choral program at Grady. In order to do so, he needs your help

***Grady Merchandise for Sale: Soccer shirts, bags, and water bottles. Proceeds support the Booster Club  boyzmom5487@msn.com

***Read the Grady Booster Club Sports news here:


***The Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) is sponsoring a coat and blanket drive to run through January.  Please send coats and/or blankets to Grady High, Room 108.  Your generosity will be appreciated by those in need of warmth this cold winter.

Calendar **************************

Friday, December 20

  • Final Exams
  • Knight Lights Deadline Carol Senf at carol.senf@lcc.gatech.edu
  • Last day of First Semester

Saturday, January 4

  • MBA Debate Tournament

Sunday, January 5

  • MBA Debate Tournament

Monday, January 6

  • Planning day for teachers

Tuesday, January 7

  • First day of Second Semester
  • 5:30 Varsity basketball vs Southside @Southside
  • 6:00 pm PTSA board meeting, Media Center

Wednesday, January 8

  • 5:00 JV Basketball vs Crim* @Grady (Boys Play First)

Thursday, January 9

Friday, January 10

  • 6:00pm Varsity Basketball vs Union Grove @Union Grove

Saturday, January 11

  • 10:00AM JV Basketball vs Douglass* @Grady
  • 6:00pm Varsity Basketball vs Paideia*@Grady (Boys Play First

**We know there are many more events that the Grady Community wants to know about. Please help us by sending event notices and calendars to calendar@gradyhighschool.org

Terry Kearns

***Varsity Boys’ & Girls’ Basketball

Nov. 19 Pace* 6:00PM @Pace Academy

Nov. 23 Lovett 2:30PM @Grady

Dec. 03 Carver* 6:00PM @Carver

Dec. 06 Holy Innocents.* 6:00PM @Grady

Dec. 07 Southside 2:30 PM @Grady (BPF)

Dec. 10 Bless Trinity* 6:00PM @Blessed Trinity

Dec. 13 Decatur* 6:00PM Grady (BPF)

Dec. 14 Crim* 2:30PM @Crim (BPF)

Dec. 17 S.W.Atlanta 6:00PM @Grady

Dec. 18 - 21 APS Holiday Tournament

Jan. 07 Southside 5:30PM @Southside

Jan. 10 Union Gr.* 6:00PM @Union Grove

Jan. 11 Paideia* 6:00PM @Grady (BPF)

Jan. 14 Carver* 6:00PM @Grady

Jan. 17 Holy Innoc.* 6:00PM @Holy Innocents

Jan. 18 Union Gr.* 2:30PM @Grady

Jan. 21 Bless Trinity* 6:00PM @Grady

Jan. 24 Decatur* 6:00PM @Decatur

Jan. 28 Pace* 5:30PM @Grady

Feb. 04 Crim* 6:00PM @Grady

Feb. 08 Paideia* 6:00PM @Paideia

Region Tournament @ Pace Academy - week of Feb. 10, 2003

***JV Girls’ & Boys’ Basketball

Nov. 20 Mays 5:00PM @Mays

Nov. 23 N. Atlanta* 10:00AM @Grady

Dec. 04 Carver 5:00PM @Carver

Dec. 07 Southside 10:00AM @Southside (BPF)

Dec. 11 S. Atlanta 5:00PM @S. Atlanta

Dec. 14 Carver 10:00AM @Carver (BPF)

Dec. 18 Washington* 5:00PM @Grady (BPF)

Jan. 08 Crim* 5:00PM @Grady (BPF)

Jan. 11 Douglass* 10:00AM @Grady

Jan. 15 Southside 5:00PM @Grady

Jan. 18 N. Atlanta* 10:00AM @N. Atlanta (BPF)

Jan. 22 Washington* @5:00PM @Washington

Jan. 25 Crim* 10:00AM @Crim

Jan. 29 Douglass* 5:00PM @Douglass (BPF)

***Coaching Staff:

Boys - Kerry Sarden, DeMarco Mitchell

Girls - Diane Black, Creed Brown, Patrick Thomas (JV)

*denotes Region 5-AA, or Division (JV)

(BPF) denotes "Boys Play First"

  For future *GradyGrams

5-24-02 9AM Visions of the Future, Theater

5-25-02 2:00 Graduation, Civic Center

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