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* Tell your friends about GradyGrams, particularly 9th grade parents and students.  Email me (Terry) at gradyproject@aol.com and I will sign up for you.


1.Grady now has a school council which represents parents, faculty and businesses. The council is to provide advise and recommendations to the princiipal regarding student success. When necessary the council will make recommendations to the APS board of education. If you have items to place on the agenda please contact your parent reps - Diane Terrell at 404-892-0072 or email atlantaddt@aol.com or Barbara Hopkins at 404-377-6104 email blhopkins@mindspring.com

2. Student directory forms were distributed to homeroom teachers last week. Many teachers had the students complete the forms while in homeroom. If you are concerned that current information was not collected, please email your student's name, homeroom number, address and phone # to Emily Wert at wertfamily@earthlink.net


****Don't miss the Grady Tail gate BBQ Sept 6. Everyone is invited to the pre-game tail-gate BBQ, 3:30 - 5:30PM on the front Lawn. Dinner tickets $5 (includes chicken or pork bbq sandwich, coleslaw, beans and potato salad with ice tea). Don't miss this event, you will be sorry.

****This year, the PTSA would like to do a better job of acknowledging our students' achievements. To do this we would like to include student success items in the Grady Gram and the Knight Lights.  Parents, students and teachers, please help our Grady community know such things as nominees for the Governor's Honors program, inductees into the Beta Club or science fair winners.  Our students are doing great things.  Please help us to acknowledge their successes.

You may submit articles directly to the Grady Gram by emailing Terry Kearns at Gradyproject@aol.com.  The Grady Gram is sent every Friday so you should have your information to him by Thursday morning.  Send articles to the Knight Lights to Carol Senf at carol.senf@lcc.gatech.edu.   The deadline for the next issue is Friday, August 30. If you would prefer, you may send your information to Beth Thornton at atlantaept@oaol.com or call her at 404.872.4002.  She will write the information up and submit it for publication.

*** Grady's Fall Sports Schedules are on the web at: http://tk-jk.net/gradyproject/fallsports2002.htm


1. To help fold, stamp and label Knight Lights newsletter on September 10, 9-11am. Call Diane Terrell 404-892-0072 or email at atlantaddt@aol.com I have one volunteer, 5 more are needed.

2. To help membership committee on Sept 17 at 6PM during PTSA Back-To-School Open House. Volunteers are needed to help sign up members as they arrive to attend the open house. Call Pat Griffin at 404-874-1289 or email patgriffin1672@aol.com. I have two, 2 more are needed.

3. Homecoming dance is Fri, Oct 25.  If you would like to chair a committee to decorate, set up, food,  please contact me soon. We need help! Thanks, suehannah73@hotmail.com or 404-8742161


Friday, August 30

  • 3:00 Pep rally new gym to  kick off the football season
  • 5:15 First football game at Grady Stadium
  • Knight Light deadline for articles for mailing Sept 9.  Contact Carol Senf at carol.senf@lcc.gatech.edu

Monday, September 2 Labor Day - No School

Tuesday, September 3

  • 4:45 Volleyball vs. Crim, Therrell* @Crim
  • 6:30 PM  PTSA board meeting, Media Center, all welcome

Wednesday, September 4

  • 5:00 Cross County  @Grant Park
  • 5:00 Debate Center Workshop - Southside HS

Thursday, September 5

  • 5:00 Softball vs. Union Grove @Southside Park

Friday, September 6

  • 8 AM CINS Teacher Grant Appication Deadline 8 AM
  • 3:30 - 5PM Everyone is invited to the pre-game tail-gate BBQ, 3:30 - 5PM on the front Lawn. Tickets $5 (includes chicken or pork bbq sandwich, coleslaw, beans and potato salad with ice tea) go on sale Mon Aug 26 thru  Fri Aug 30, 8:00 - 8:45 AM in the student parking lot, and noon - 1:00PM in the front office. Don't miss this event, you will be sorry.
  • 5:15  Football vs. Cross Keys @Grady

Saturday, September 7

  • Cross Country Berry Invitational 6:00am @Berry College
  • 10:00  JV Football vs. N. Atlanta @Grady

Monday, September 9

  • 2:00 Senior Pictures Make-up in Green Room (theatre)

Tuesday, September 10

  • 2:00 Senior Pictures Make-up in Green Room (theatre)
  • 4:45 Volleyball vs. Carver, Greenf. Grady
  • 5:00 Softball vs. Crim  @Southside Park

Wednesday, September 11

  • Deficiency Notices Issued
  • 2:00 Senior Pictures Make-up in Green Room (theatre)
  • 5:00 Cross Country vs Washington @Grant Park

**We know there are many more events that the Grady Community wants to know about. Please help us by sending event notices and calendars to calendar@gradyhighschool.org

Terry Kearns

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