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--Junior Class parent volunteer needed to work with PROM faculty committee. The faculty have specifically asked for a parent to work them this year. Contcat Diane Terrell 404-892-0072 to find out more.
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Tuesday, August 13

--6:00 PM. The first meeting of the Grady High School Local School Council. It is open to the public.

This is the first year that Grady will be implementing the Local School Council. I'm sure that one of our priorities will be to increase our profile and thus our effectiveness.

The Local School Council is an advisory body made up of two parents, two teachers, two community business leaders, and the principal. It is designed to apprise the school board of needed changes at individual schools. It also brings together three distinctive groups of stakeholders in order that they can discuss positive and specific ways to better the overall school community. It should be a great organ for specific and meaningful reform once it becomes a more ingrained part of the decision making process.

--6:00 P.M. Atlanta Board of Education Charter Review Commission Meeting - Hearing for District 3 August 13th, 6-7 PM Inman Auditorium

All the public hearings are city-wide in that anyone can come and speak to the issues at hand. One issue is how the Board of Education operates; specifically, how many board members we have, how they are elected and term length. Few people are coming to the hearings. Non-attendees miss the opportunity to voice their opinions.

The Inman community and the CINS community are encouraged to spread the word and to attend these hearings. They are important in helping the Commission hear from the public.

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Terry Kearns

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The first day of school for the 2002-2003 year will be Monday, August 12.