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Announcements *****************

J.A.Jones Construction was unable to secure bonding required for renovation. The APS Board voted to give the Grady project to Centex Construction. The bidding process has beem completed and completion date remains Fall 2004.

This summer's plans will begin June 9 and include:

 Summer 2003 -
--8th Street building & cafeteria demolished.
--Charles Allen building receiving new windows,temporary HVAC service and remodeling required to provide classrooms for tranisition year.
--Seven cottages erected on front lawn to house administration during summer and house 11 classrooms for school year.
--Football Stadium space will be prepared for transition use - three classrooms and cafeteria serving and dining area.
Theater will receive permanent HVAC and changes for transition use for classes.
--Time table for the Performance Gymnasium's construction is being assessed by athletic department and construction managers.
--Incoming 9th Graders will have orientation to Grady High School on Friday August 9, 9 AM in the Grady Theater. They will receive class locations and more information at that time.

I will post more information as it is received.- Debbie DeMoss

***The Grady Class of 73 is having its 30th reunion on Saturday, June 21st at the Park Tavern ....for more information, contact Class President Sam Thompson at 770-720-4125 or email him at SamT73@aol.com......The Classes of 1972 and 1974 are also invited.....the cost is $35 per person....


June 6

  • Counselors last day

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