Euphonic Productions - Atlanta, Georgia

Euphonic Productions - Atlanta, Georgia


Euphonic Productions presents FRODE GJERSTAD TRIO, October 10

Euphonic Productions presents:
Frode Gjerstad - alto sax, clarinets
Paal Nilssen-Love - drums
Øyvind Storesund - bass

9pm, Thursday, Oct 10
$10 at the door
Eyedrum 290 MLK Jr. Drive, SE, Suite 8 Atlanta, GA 30312 404-522-0655

This trio plays improvised music with fire and energy. The connection to jazz music is obvious, as well as to the European free improvisers. This music lies somewhere in between and lives a happy life outside the boundaries and restrictions of these two traditions.

FRODE GJERSTAD is one of the few  Norwegian musicians playing modern improvised music outside the "ECM-school". He has chosen to play mainly with international musicians because there is no tradition in Norway for playing this music. However, a number of younger musicians are now  picking up on the music. Voted Jazz Musician of the Year in Norway, 1997.   He has played with some of the best European and African players including John Stevens, Barry Guy, Louis Moholo, Johnny Dyani, Derek Bailey and Peter Brøtzmann as well as US players Borah Bergman, Rashid Bakr, Wilber Morris, Billy Bang, William Parker, Hamid Drake and Bobby Bradford.   PAAL NILSSEN-LOVE first started playing with Frode Gjerstad about 12 years ago, when he was 15 years old. Since then, he has become one of the most active musicians of the new generation in Norway. He has also played and recorded with international sax-players Mats Gustafsson, Joe McPhee, Ken Vandermark and Ian Bellamy.  And he recently played two concerts at the Molde Jazz Festival with Pat Metheney!

ØYVIND STORESUND plays the acoustic bass with the group "Cloroform" where they combine improvisations, sampling, hip-hop and modern sounds. Together with Paal, he also plays with Frode Gjerstad's "Circulasione Totale Orchestra".

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"Frode Gjerstad may be the heaviest Norwegian alto saxophonist you have never heard of. His melodic phrases are punchy and surprising, soaring, at times beyond the Milky Way. This album exemplifies the health and wealth of energetic, contemporary free jazz." Sam Prestianni, Jazziz

"Gjerstad has a a crying alto tone that has a searing emotional directness. starting with simple, insistent themes he skillfully builds extended improvisations out of fleet, leaping lines colored with a chilling, souldful directness. He plays with the command and authority of a mature musician who has honed a personal voice, while continuing to push in new directions." Michael Rosenstein, Cadence

"This band often performs with a distinct sense of spiritualism to coincide with an abundance of hearty soloing and curiously interesting three-way dialogue." Glenn Astarita, All about Jazz

"This trio has a freshness which the big names in London and New York find it hard to muster these days. Welding such a profusion of ideas into emotional coherence is not easy. When achieved, hipsters call it: top-notch living jazz." Ben Watson, HiFi News

"I¹ve always been impressed by saxophonist Gjerstad¹s clarity. He is capable of focused simplicity and when he decides to cut loose every note in every cascade is well placed. Storsund is especially adept at strategically placing himself between the horn and drums and draws attention to the bass without being overactive or retreating into simple back up work. Gjerstad balances between a slowly developing melodicism and toe curling freeform blowing. An excellent player you should get to know if you are interested in free jazz saxophone² Bruce Adams, Your Flesh

Please tune into WREK (91.1FM or this Sunday (Oct 13) from 7-9pm for the Sunday Special featuring the music of Jeb Bishop, Annette Krebs, Chris Forsyth & Ernesto Diaz-Infante, Richard Pinhas, and Son of C.O.D., all of whom are scheduled to perform this month at Eyedrum.


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