Euphonic Productions - Atlanta, Georgia

Euphonic Productions - Atlanta, Georgia

Sat, 30 October 2004

Destroy All Music Festival featuring
The Haters
Emil Beaulieu
Joe Colley
Stephen Fenton
Wilson & Heath

7pm, Sat, Oct 30
$15 at the door
290 MLK Jr. Drive, Suite 8

Noise, Jazz, Avant Garde, Improv, Industrial, Experimental, and No Wave; Destroy All Music has been exposing listeners to unconventional sounds since 1984.

Eight local and national atists come together to celebrate the 20th anniversary of WREK's landmark radio show.

Borgetomagus [Their first Atlanta appearance in 15 years!]

"Balls on the line improvisation with enough energy to flatten buildings.”
  - Byron Coley, Forced Exposure Magazine

"If you don't think of jazz as a full-contact sport, you've obviously never spent any time in a room with the music of this durable upstate New York trio. "Punishing" doesn't even begin to describe the loud, assaultive — and often earthily beautiful — sound the members coax from guitar and two saxophones, instruments that here seldom uphold their conventional identities, thanks to innovative use of tone splitting, harmonic distortion and out-and-out brute force. Initially formed at the tail end of the '70s — concurrent with, but not actually part of, New York's no wave scene — Borbetomagus imbued its free-squealing with a vividly blue-collar style, evident in both the members' biker-ish appearance and the sheer brawn with which Don Dietrich, Donald Miller and Jim Sauter handle their various "axes." Improvising vertically rather than horizontally, there's no release, only tension heaped upon tension. The three members scrape at each other's sore spots and howl with raw fury when the scraping gets too close to the bone."
– Trouser Press

The Haters [First ever Atlanta appearance!]
For the last 25 years, The Haters have provided somewhat of a chaotic balance in the world of Noise by giving function and amplification to inanimate objects and also by providing the best soundtrack possible to the process of decay. Their live performances are riotously chaotic affairs, often ending in an orgy of destruction as both performers and audience are swept up in the cathartic bliss of wild abandon and the joys of being an agent of decay. The Haters are responsible for the video and live sound of Survival Research Laboratories between 1992 and 1999.

Most recent performance: 7/8/2004 San Francisco GX Jupitter-Larsen first premiered his new apparatus at the first annual San Francisco Bay Area Harsh Noise Festival. GX had taken an old record player and replaced the cartridge and arm with an amplified toy shovel. Instead of playing records, the shovel would drag against the bare turntable. Emil Beaulieau that night named it The Spinner Spade. Plumes of smoke expelled from the speakers on stage as The Spinner Spade discharged a very loud full-speculum noise. This 20 minute performance was entitled "The Haters 25th Anniversary Show." (#315)

Emil Beaulieu [First ever Atlanta appearance!]
Known as the Godfather of American Noise and closely related to the wonderfully noisy RRRecords, if you aren’t familiar with the Emil experience, his weapon of mass destruction is a four armed turntable named after its creator, the Minutoli. Yep, four arms, at least a few of which are locked into fixed positions (as in they don’t glide toward the center of the record), thus allowing for lots and lots of on-the-spot lock grooves (as in the same 1.8 seconds of music over and over again, and again). If you’ve seen him on videos or live, you’ll notice that each of the arms is a different type…there’s a real classy, high-end looking one, and one made out of white plastic, like you’d see on My First Record Player. Most likely a variety of different needles in them too, and I think each arm goes to its own channel in a mixing deck. Add to this a pink shirt, a tie, a cardigan, and prepare to take a trip to Mr. Beaulieau’s Neighborhood, OK boys and girls?

Joe Colley [First ever Atlanta appearance!]
Colley will perform live and set up an installation. "While he may have permanently dropped his industrialist moniker Crawl Unit and his label (Povertech) is on hold, Joe Colley continues to impress with his ominous compositions of mistreated electronics, tonally pleasing feedback mantras, and abrasive physicality. Often alluding to less specific metaphors of urban decay or social collapse, Colley's aesthetic choices are just as strong as work by John Duncan or
Francisco Lopez."
- Aquarius Records

Mouthus [First ever Atlanta appearance!]
Harry Pussy and Jandek mind-melded and got into a knife fight with some locals from the wrong side of the Lakota reservation and one of them drowned. Mouthus was the outcome.

"Mouthus is Brian Sullivan and Nate Nelson of Brooklyn and they absolutely destroy. Super great feedback and overload squall w/ a hep no-wave edge. The label touts them as a brain-gouged cross between Jandek and Fushitsusha but our ears catch something more of a Rudolph Grey-jamming-with-Sightings vibe."
- Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth)

Zandosis [14th or 15th Atlanta appearance]
Atlanta-based trio concerned with using sound to astral project giant sea serpents and making sure that the Bush administration knows how upset they are. Funny, different, loud, serious, repetitive, quiet – Zandosis will set itself on fire just to prove how little you know about commitment to action. Or not.

"Les Rallizes Denudes plus Kaoru Abe and a weather damaged reel of 7 inch tape. Merzbow, Nihilist Spasm Band, Blowhole and Gorgoroth are not so much analogues as they are (lost) reference points. The ancient easterners used to believe that when they ate animals, they took on their spirit, their properties. Zandosis does that very thing by ingurgitating the zeitgeist of Cages "1st Construction in Metal," Merzbow’s "Rainbow Electronics," and the writings of Emile Cioran. Like Cioran---and Suzuki, even---Zandosis are adept at unclothing despair and laying bare its humor. If the music is supposed to take you somewhere, then its to a Cambodian whorehouse where the porch folk sit all day and watch townies get mauled by rabid dogs. Think on this; add some teriyaki, sake and warm Budweiser and you’ll know where they’re comin’ from. Highly recommended."
- Copper Green, 2004

Fenmton [Second, maybe third, Atlanta appearance]
Live performance and installation.
Last time out, Fenton made a banana flambe dessert complete with video projection and prerecorded soundtrack. Since then, he’s been to England to perform.

Wilson & Heath [Uh, say 10th show in Atlanta, maybe less]
Live shows by this young duo involve anything from burning hair of the dog, word-association mind games, amplified bug zappers, fetal position mumblings, and other typically cultish actions. No two shows are ever the same though, and their performances blur the lines between band & performance art & fetish video. So this is what the suburbs do to people?

Noise, Jazz, Avant Garde, Improv, Industrial, Experimental, and No Wave; Destroy All Music has been exposing listeners to unconventional sounds since 1984.

Eight local and national atists come together to celebrate the 20th anniversary of WREK's landmark radio show.


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