Euphonic Productions - Atlanta, Georgia

Euphonic Productions - Atlanta, Georgia

Tue, 01 November 2005

Poster: Festival Quartet featuring Tim DaisyEuphonic Productions presents:
The Festival Quartet (featuring Tim Daisy)

9pm, Tues, Nov. 1
290 MLK Jr. Drive, Suite 8

The Festival Quartet
Tim Daisy - drums
Keefe Jackson - tenor sax
Josh Berman - cornet
Anton Hatwich - bass

Festival Quartet is a band led by Chicago-based percussionist Tim Daisy. the focus of the group's music is on finding ways to work creatively with thematic material in an improvised context, while striving to keep a cohesive balance between the two spheres. The band's improvisations are also marked by a pervasive sense of melody.

Since moving to Chicago in 1997, Tim daisy has become a mainstay of the city's creative music scene. In addition to composing music, Daisy performs, records and tours with some of Chicago's finest improvising ensembles, including the Vandermark Five, Dragons 1976, Triage, Festival Quartet and Bridge 61. He has also been involved with the Chicago Improvisor's Group, Kyle Bruckman's Wrack, Scott Rosenberg's Red and Sound in Action Trio. In November 2003, Tim was named one of 13 "Drummers for the Future" by Downbeat magazine.

"The Festival Quartet's forthcoming disc (due this summer) has the telepathic fluidity and adventurous flair of peak Mingus and Ornette Coleman, the free-floating arrangements bustling with angular skronk, creative, unexpected rhythms and all-around imaginative playing. The foursome's intuitive take on Post Bob (in the most true sense of the term) brims with artistry, and with Daisy's world music inspired beat-centricity at its heart, the rhythmic ingenuity is breathtaking."
- Mike Breen, Citybeat


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