Euphonic Productions - Atlanta, Georgia

Euphonic Productions - Atlanta, Georgia

Letting Go Of Public Buildings and
Rotten Piece posterEuphonic Productions presents:
Letting Go Of Public Buildings
Rotten Piece

9pm, Sat, May 24
290 MLK Jr. Drive, SE, Suite 8

Letting Go of Public Buildings is coming to terms.  Letting Go of Public Buildings is associated people disassociating themselves. Buildings comprise an existence within durational space. It goes through a process.  A committment to undermine consciousness.  Letting Go of Public Buildings is making music ineffectual.

Public Buildings is an ensemble comprised of Nat Slaughter, Brian Parks and Bryan Fielden.  When any two perform or present without the third, They are Letting Go of Public Buildings.  This performance features Nat and Brian.

Compositions (s.1)
 - version for typewriters and 3 people
 - version for 20 string instruments and 1 person
   (Brian Parks)

Composition for Contrabass, Tape and Speakers
  (Nat Slaughter)
  Fall 2002-Spring 2003, Atlanta

Rotten Piece is a moniker sound artists Carol and Shaun Kelly adopted in 1991 for their experimental music project.  Both have experience with traditional song structure as well as unconventional approaches.  Their collaboration has turned out to be very fruitful. In 10 years the duo has produced 35 CDs, 10 videos and more than 50 cassettes. Live performances include installations, multimedia spectacles,  performance art and audience participation. Venues have varied from galleries and art spaces (Luxus/Holland Ministry of Pop Culture/London, Csaw and Severed Image Gallery/Houston, TX) to raves, discos and punk clubs in US and Europe.

Both Kellys are self taught, their method is generally the dissection and re-assembly of found sounds, field recordings combined with prepared or homemade instruments, these include: stick cello, 2x4 guitar, photo theremin, bridge guitar and an amplified spring contraption.  The end result is sometimes a hypnotic drone or a series of loops, sometimes a menacing nightmarish noisescape. The sound is constantly changing and evolving.

For further info, please see:

Rotten Piece at Eydrum, 5-24-03

Rotten Piece at Eydrum, 5-24-03


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