Euphonic Productions - Atlanta, Georgia

Euphonic Productions - Atlanta, Georgia

Sun, 11 April 2004

Tatsuya NakataniEuphonic Productions presents:
Tatsuya Nakatani solo
plus special guests
Ana Balka - violin
Jeff Bradley - double bass
Rob Cheatham - saxophones

8pm, Sun, April 11
$5 at the door
290 MLK Jr. Drive, Suite 8

Tatsuya Nakatani
Improvisational Percussionist

Photo by Peter © Peter Gannushkin / DowntownMusic.Net


Tatsuya NakataniBiography:
Born in Kobe Japan 1970, raised in Osaka.  He has resided in the USA since 1995 and now bases himself in New York where he is recognized as a key player in the improvised music scene. His elements of percussion instrument are Drum set based Orchestration percussion kit, Bowed Gong, Cymbal, Singing Bowls, Various sticks and Drum set. He stands between the MUSIC categories, genre and cultures, Experimental, Jazz, FreeJazz, Rock, etc. Many voices come from his approach of creation. Besides live performances, he also provides sound, sound design for Television, Film, collaborations with Dancers and artists.

His recent work in 2003 includes: USA tour with Billy Bang Quintet featuring Frank Lowe ,Sabir Mateen Ensemble. Solo tour in Europe and USA, Solo percussion performance at Bronx Museum in New York, Tour in Japan with  Assif Tsahar, Perform at NY Butoh Festival, NY Vision Festival and AFUK festival in Copenhagen Denmark.

Recipient of a New York,Bronx Art council individual artist grant.

Also he established music and dance studio “H&H PRODUCTION” in South Bronx from where he dispatches his music creations to the world.

Past Collaborations:
Peter Kowald, Peter Brotzmann, Steve Swell, Roy Campbell, Sabir Mateen, Otomo Yoshihide, Tatsu Aoki,  Xu Feng Xia, Kazuhisa Uchihashi, Yasuhiro Yoshigaki, Ken Vandermark, Billy Bang quintet w/Frank Lowe, Assif Tsahar, Cooper-Moore, Jim Baker, Josh Abrams, Miya Masaoka, Le Quan Ninh, , Gunda Gottschalk, Masashi Harada, Mat Maneri, William Parker, nmperign, Tim Barnes, Taylor Ho Bynum, Jane Wang, Michael Zerang, Kyle Bruckman, Taku Unami, Jack Wright, The Psychic Paramount. Dance/movement with Zack Fuller, Anika Kristensen, Claire Barratt, Chris Ferris, Ximena Garnica and etc, Musician, Artist and Filmmakers.


Up coming New releases in 2004:

2 New Releases for Blue Collar, NRA trio, Doneda+Wright+Nakatani Trio, Billy Bang Quintet featuring Frank Lowe, etc.

2003  “ come Sunday”       hopscotch
2003  “13 definitions of truth” Duet with Peter Kowald   Quakebasket
2003  “Orchestra Sommambulist Laura Andel composer   Red Toucan
2003  “The Psychic paramount”, ben Armstrong  
2003  “MAP”         H&H Production
2002  “New York Underground Symphony”    Hopscotch
2001  “Bowed Metal Orchestra”         Self Released
2001  “Zuihitsu”  James Coleman     Sedimental
2000  “this is nmperign’s second cd”     Twisted Village
2000  “Fetish”         Tautology
1999  “there the eye goes not” Michael Bullock    Tautology
1999  “a-un”  duet with Kenta Nagai     Self Released
1999  “ Field Recordings, volume one:Birthday”    Intransitive
1998  “Real Time” Dan DeChhellis,Phil Tomasic    Sachimay
1998  “Saturnalia”       Sublingual
1997  “a-un”improvisation on a street,w/kenta Nagai, Casette  Self Released
1997 to 2002 Green Report 1 to 11 cassette and CD-R    Self Released

Current Ensembles:

“+Tatsuya Nakatani Duet” w/Assif Tsahar(Saxophone, Bass Clarinet)

“Sabir Mateen’s Shapes, Textures and Sound Ensemble” w/Sabir Mateen(Saxophones, flute, clarinet), Steve Swell(Trombone), Matt Lavelle(Trumpet, flugelhorn, bass clarinet), Matthew Heyner(Bass)

“The Labyrinth New York Underground Orchestra” w/Assif Tsahar conduction.

“N.R.A” w/Ricardo Arian(Baloon), Vic Rawlings(Electronics, open circuit board)

“MAP” w/Mary Halvorson(Guitar), Clayton Thomas(Bass)

“Blue Color” w/Nate wooley(Trumpet), Steve Swell(Trombone)

“Doneda, Wright, Nakatani Trio” w/Michel Doneda(Soprano sax), Jack Wright(Alto, soprano sax)

“Zack Fuller Butoh dance  group” w/Zack Fuller(Dance), Jonathan Vincent(Accordion)

“Yukijurushi” w/Eiji Obata(Guitar), Toodd Nicholson(Bass)

“Todd Nicholson Ortic Band” w/Todd Nicholson(Bass), Steve Swell(Trombone), Nate wooley(Trumpet)

And DUET ensemble with: Bonnie Kane (Saxophone, flute), Loren Dempster (Cello), Etc.


“Equal sensitivity to atmospheric elegance and frantic rawness……Detail-oriented explorations of timbre and texture that avoid heavy-handed or gratuitous elements.”
Michael A Parker, All about jazz

“Nakatani’s style is a mixture of silence and pinpoint indications……He provides a buzzing drone, what appears to be the manipulation of tempered glass, microscopic tiny cymbal and triangle pins, and the quivering of temple bells and chains.”
Ken Waxman, Jazz weekly

“Discussing all that beauty would take more roses than would fill this space" "focussed and resourceful”
Stu Vandermark, Cadence

“infallible intuition" and as "a brilliant percussion improvisor- he is capable of a wide range of sounds and qualities, and is always fully present, neither lagging behind nor rushing ahead.  His work dances full of thought with an overall easy clarity and earthy
groundedness."  Maria Klein, Boss-Improv

“Nakatani’s sparse punctuation suggests observance of esoteric ritual” Julian Cowley, The Wire

“All this hits me like a vibrating temple of metal – a sense of vastness in a small room”
Eric Zinman, Musician

“Tatsuya is a creator of great sonic spaces-including silences that are overwhelmingly loud, silences that have a granite-like strength and weight – Bob Falesch, Musician


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