Euphonic Productions - Atlanta, Georgia

Euphonic Productions - Atlanta, Georgia

Sat, 14 June 2003

Euphonic Productions presents:
Robert Rich

9pm, Sat, June 14
290 MLK Jr. Drive, SE, Suite 8

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With over 20 albums to his name, Robert Rich has helped define the genres of ambient music, dark-ambient, tribal and trance, yet his music remains hard to categorize. Part of his unique sound comes from using home-made acoustic and electronic instruments, microtonal tunings, computer-based signal processing, chaotic systems and feedback networks. Rich began building his own analog synthesizers in 1976, when he was 13 years old, and later studied for a year at Stanford's Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA).

Robert Rich

Rich released his first album Sunyata in 1982. Most of his subsequent recordings came out in Europe until 1989, when Rich began a string of critically acclaimed releases for Fathom/Hearts of Space, including Rainforest (1989), Gaudí (1991), Propagation (1994) and Seven Veils (1998). His two collaborations with Steve Roach, Strata (1990) and Soma (1992), both charted for several months in Billboard. Other collaborations include Yearning (1995, with Lisa Moskow), Stalker (1995, with B. Lustmord) and Fissures (1997, with Alio Die.) Rich's contributions to multi-artist compilations have been collected on his solo albums A Troubled Resting Place (1996) and Below Zero (1998). He also records with his group, Amoeba, exploring atmospheric songcraft on their CDs Watchful (1997) and Pivot (2000). His 3-CD live set Humidity (2000) documents the unique improvised flow of his recent performances.

Rich has performed in caves, cathedrals, planetaria, art galleries and concert halls throughout Europe and North America. His all-night Sleep Concerts, first performed in 1982, became legendary in the San Francisco area. In 1996 he revived his all-night concert format, playing Sleep Concerts for live and radio audiences across the U.S. during a three month tour. In 2001 Rich released the 7 hour DVD Somnium, a studio distillation of the Sleep Concert experience, possibly the longest continuous piece of music ever released.

Rich has designed sounds for television and film scores, including the films Pitch Black , Crazy Beautiful, and others. He also works closely with electronic instrument manufacturers, and his sound design has graced the preset libraries of Emu's Proteus 3 and Morpheus, Seer Systems' Reality, sampling disks Things that Go Bump in the Night and ACID Loop Library Liquid Planet. Rich has written software for composers who work in just intonation, and he helped develop the MIDI microtuning specification, which was accepted as an industry standard. As a mastering engineer, he has applied his ear to numerous albums in recent years, and his studio was featured in the September '99 issue of Keyboard Magazine.

Cutting through the dark waters of the mind comes Lanterna ... music on the dark and lonely side but with a glimmer of hope that hangs just beneath the surface. Travelling the same alluring seas as The Moon Seven Times, Lanterna is a solo, mostly instrumental project put together by Moon Seven Times guitarist Henry Frayne.

Henry's defining guitar arrangements have been an integral part of well known indie bands Area and The Moon Seven Times. Area released four albums containing Henry's work (C'est La Mort/Rough Trade Records) and The Moon Seven Times (Third Mind Records & Roadrunner Records) have recorded two albums, both found on all seven continents (well, maybe not Antarctica.) Most recently he was tabbed by French artist/producer Hector Zazou to play on one of Zazou's international productions.

Rich in moody guitars and dreamy, thoughtful rhythyms, Lanterna moves between the tranquil and the phantasmagoric. An ideal soundtrack for a road movie in slow motion.

Envie  is:

Renée Nelson, Harp/Piano (American Dream, Aphelion, the Living Jarboe, 10th to the Moon )
Deisha Oliver, Cello (Osaka, American Dream, Butcher)
Kevin Wallace, Percussion (Teen Wheat, Christine Keeler Affair)
Michael Overstreet, Words (nouns, pronouns, verbs)

Envie is a collaboration between Renée Nelson's musical sensibilities, Michael Overstreet's way with words and the musical help of musicians from some of Atlanta's finest underground bands.

Renée is a classically trained multi-instrumentalist who has played with a number of projects throughout the past eight years, most recently including The Living Jarboe (former SWANS), Aphelion, & Osaka. She is a former member of Atlanta's American Dream, and the bi-coastal Casionova. You may also catch her supporting the likes of Low Life Quartet and the darkly theatrical Les Follies Noir.

Deisha Oliver has been playing cello since she was 17 and has been seen and heard performing with the likes of A General Lack of Toast and the Toast Manifesto, Osaka, American Dream, Rick Dang, Metroscene, Butcher, Sensesurround Staging’s production of Clive Barker’s Frankenstein in Love and most recently with Envie. She is an actress, a teacher and a student. Eventually her eight years of undergraduate work will pay off with a degree.

Kevin Wallace beats his drums like he's beating the devil. He's been seen formerly with Farmer John, Dropsonic, Christine Keeler Affair and Cabo Polonio. He's also currently playing with Teen Wheat. He has a soft spot for dunebuggys and squirrels and he thinks the emergence of the chickenfrog will signal the possibility for world peace. He was last quoted saying, "Blue is the best color in the world; however, purple has been trying to steal blue's thunder for some time--nice try purple, too bad you suck!" and then he took another pull on his PBR.

Michael writes, breathes, and collects discarded crack bags in Reynoldstown-Atlanta.


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