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Euphonic Productions - Atlanta, Georgia

Richard Pinhas

Cancelled. Unfortunately, Richard Pinhas' concert scheduled for tonight (10/27) at
Eyedrum has been canceled due to illness. We deeply apologize for any inconvenience.

Euphonic Productions presents:
Richard Pinhas
Son of C.O.D.

8pm, Sunday, Oct 27
290 MLK Jr. Drive, SE, Suite 8
Atlanta, GA 30312

RICHARD PINHAS is internationally recognized as one of France's major experimental musicians: the "father" of French electronic music. He was the founder of Heldon, a band whose violent fusion of electronics and guitar in the '70s rivaled the German electronic school. As a guitar player he has been compared to Robert Fripp.

Cited as an influence by many electronic musicians, Richard Pinhas has helped to define the Spacemusic genre. Since founding the seminal space-rock band Heldon in 1974, Pinhas has released over 15 albums, had involvement in dozens more and shaped the way we listen to music today.

At one time a professor of philosophy at The Sorbonne, Pinhas left academia to found Heldon and pursue music full-on. Influenced by the political climate, science fiction literature and the ambient music of Fripp & Eno, Pinhas' music is "specifically emotional yet tinged with theory. He has developed an attitude towards music that goes far beyond the sounds one actually hears to an almost mystical conceptualization of the meaning behind the sounds."   Over the past 25 years, Pinhas' musical career has taken him over much sonic terrain. From the raw synthesis of the first Heldon album "Electronic Guerrilla", followed by the Fripp-influenced "Allez Teia", the high energy of "It's Always Rock 'n' Roll", the dark density of "Agenta Nilsson", to the deep ambience of his solo release "Iceland", in his lifetime Richard Pinhas has traversed genres and established a few of his own.

As part of this autumn's tour on North America, Pinhas will perform on electric guitar and is to be joined by Jerome Schmidt on laptop computer. This tour marks the release of the duo's new album "Event and Repetitions" on Cuneiform (

"...France's most influential contemporary musician."
Alternative Press.

"Fans of Kraftwerk and Neu! owe it to themselves to check out this similarly far-sighted stuff."

"Searing instrumental space music, bridging electronics & psychedelic guitar excess in unique & legendary fashion, Heldon is one of the quintessential European progressive groups of the 70's."
Forced Exposure.

"Quite simply the greatest group from France, Heldon/Pinhas created a legacy that few bands could match. Richard Pinhas makes progressive music in the truest sense of the word."
The Laser's Edge

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